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Rear brakes are on after a mechanic fixed my rear tyre...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I have this problem yesterday when I had a flat so I just took my bike in to get the rear tyre fixed while i head into uni. Then at the end of the day I picked it up and when they rolled my bike out there were sounds from my rear brake. At the time i thought they might have wiped it so it was clean. I left the place and half way home (25Kms later) I found that my rear brakes were actually on :shock:

    The pads are touching the disc and I get the feeling that my bike isnt rolling as much as it used to(in the morning).

    Could there be something that they did to my rear brakes? Coz I only took it in with a puncture rear tyre... and now I cant use the bike properly coz of the rear brakes being slightly on. Is there anything I can do? Or just take it back and let them do it?
  2. They have failed to refit the rear wheel correctly, and also probably mucked up the adjustment on the pedal rod. If they are close enough, I would take it back and tell them to fix their bodged job, and also that you are not paying for the fix :evil;.
  3. Yea i was thinking that i'll take it back. I already rang them about it and started to express that i wasnt very happy about their work. So they said just drop in and they'll have a look at it.

    If they still didnt do the job properly i'll prob change places as I got another place that looks ok to try out. If im happy with their service...
  4. Before you get too carried away, lean it over on the side stand or put it on a centre stand and give the wheel a spin in neutral. If it's free enough to do a full turn or two, that's normal. The pads will look to be touching, and they are, but that's how it is. If it's actually dragging too much, check for a few mm of free play in the brake pedal (not their problem), and check to see they have the axle aligned (there should be incremental markers on each axle block). Check chain tension also, as that could even be your noise.

    I'd personally want to know 1st IF they actually stuffed anything up, and 2nd, what exactly they stuffed up before you take it back.
  5. I got it fixed.. They just adjusted the rear brake pedal and it started to press on the brakes so that's why it was on. So they adjusted it back to where it was before. Its all fine now....
  6. I can't work out why they messed with it, in the first instance.