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Rear Brakes and Peter Stevens...what the?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slider, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hey guys...

    Just have a query...My bike is currently undergoing a rebuild thanks to my second off :(
    The mehcnic looking after it, has told me that my rear brake pads were almost gone :shock: I recently had them replaced (2-3 months ago), now is it possible for someone to go through a set of rear pads that quickly :?:
    I'm not really a back brake person either but even if I was would you 2-3months be reasonable? I have a feeling I may have been stooged :evil:
    Any thoughts?
  2. It is possible if you are resting your foot on the rear brake, and I guess if the brake was not adjusted correctly.

    Or of course PS forgot to replace the pads.

    Would be a very hard thing to prove though.

    I wouldnt spend too much time thinking about it though.
  3. i reckon your being taken to the cleaners, i've changed my rear brakes once is in past 20,000km
  4. yea but your only 5 years old
  5. yeah but i've been riding longer than i've been alive... :D
  6. Yes it's _possible_ but mileage would be a better indicator. How far did you travel in that time? Do you drag the rear through corners etc?

    1. Keep a closer eye on the general condition of your bike.
    2. Ask the mechanic to show you the old parts he's replacing. If it's a good shop they won't have any problem with this... Of course it helps if you have a vague idea of what your looking at :)
  7. Id say they might be pullin a shifty on you, its commonly done in the car servicing industry to rip a few more bux out of the owner. dodgy mech "oh your brakes are dangerous to drive on, its almost illegal" - poor honest owner "oh ok better replace them then". Do you reckon they replace them.

    Id tell them you want to see the old pads before they replace them as the old ones are only 3 months old and shouldnt be worn that quickly.

    Ask for the parts theyre replacing, its easy to pull some out of the bin but it makes it obvious your cluey about what theyre doing. Who cares what they think, your paying them remember.

    edit: just realised thats what you said djkearns, great minds think alike!! haha
  8. Call Pete and make a time with him to be around when he changes them.
    This way you can see for yourself. He'll be happy to show you the old and new next to eachother and explain the difference.
    He's the last one to make extra$$ on stuff that doesn't need done.
    He literally charges a few bux for fitting and passes on parts at the wholesale price they cost him, no mark-ups.
    While they're out, he might also show you a few other things that should be looked at (and cost more $$ to do) like...when was the brake fluid changed last? Is it cloudy? Is the chain tensioned properly? What do the sprockets (front in particular) look like? Tyres? Are the cables dry/ switchblocks getting gummy inside? Sidestand switch so crapped up with chain-gunk that it will easily get stuck one of those days?
    Take it seriously, he knows his stuff, even tells you how to do it yourself.

    Rear pads should last an absolute minimum of about 10.000km (even soft ones) with regular use, my rears on the Strom just came out after 30.000km with about 0.5mm to go to the wear-marks...and I'm heavy on the rears.
  9. I don't have a problem wiht Pete...had a good chat to him and is straight as a die...he actually offered for me to come around...he has nothing to gain...he is only trying to ensure the assessors don't look at it and say the brakes were bodgy, that = no payout. :shock:

    No, I don't rest on the rears...(not to my knowledge anyway!)
    I've only done about 2-3000 kms with the new ones.... :evil:
    I know they replaced them because when I took the bike in, they were almost gone...checked afterwards and thought they looked alright...Maybe I need to pay attention to the thickness! Can't really remember now...but I tell you that is wierd! :roll:

    Marty, I plan on using Pete from now on anyway...he has been nothing but a fantastic help...I've even lined up 2 services for him :p

    Rear pads should last an absolute minimum of about 10.000km (even soft ones) with regular use, my rears on the Strom just came out after 30.000km with about 0.5mm to go to the wear-marks...and I'm heavy on the rears.[/quote]