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Rear brake where art thou?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DUK35, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys - got a little question on the rear brakes for the virago - I find that there's heaps of free play on mine and when I really sink the brakes in it's nowhere near effective - I got drum brakes so I'm not expecting much from em but when I'm on a hill, I REALLY have to press on the thing HARD so it doesn't roll back.... is this a problem? is my rear brake completely shockers?

    (I compred it to my friends 2001 virago and I can manage to skid the bike just with the rears...)
  2. How is the adjustment? Should be a spring pushing a nut and tighten this to reduce the freeplay which occurs when rear drums wear. Maybe they're worn, so check them if you haven't much freeplay left.
  3. yeah it's a spring and nut - I'll try adjusting them, what happens if it's worn? how would you fix such a thing?
  4. Get your brakes checked out, if there is no adjustment left the rear may need new shoes, rear braking on a cruiser is used more often than the front brakes, I have yet to change my front pads unlike the rear pads which I wear at a much faster rate.