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rear brake sticking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ben1, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. so i worked out why the rear wheel was getting stuck..... its the rear brake that is sticking not the wheel.

    took it for a spin this morning came back and the wheel was stiff again, hit it with a rubber malet and it became free again, so i took a sec and thought maybe the rear brake is sticking... so i did a few pump test with the rear brake and what do you know?? stiff again... then hit it with the malet became free so i then took it for a spin without using the rear brake and it stayed free....

    any ideas on how to fix this problem??

  2. Yep, pull your rear caliper apart and clean around the pistons.

    You'll need to remove the brake pads and pump the pistons out slightly to do it. Use a 5000grit wet and dry sandpaper (which you can get from either a paint or auto store) You can squirt a bit of degreaser on the paper to keep it wet and wash off debri.

    Whenever the brake pads are being changed the pistons should be cleaned like this to avoid grit and dirt being pushed back into the caliper and damaging the seals, or jamming the pistons.
  3. +1 sounds like a binding piston.

    Emphasis on slightly. If you are too savage and pop the piston out and you will need to rebleed the system.

    Alternatively, you could just tie the mallet to the wheel positioned so it hits the caliper as it goes around. :LOL:
  4. Is it a disc or drum brake?
  5. thanks mate,

    cleaned it all up and its back to normal....\\:D/
    and thanks to all for there input.

  6. Excellent news good work.

    Something to keep in mind for the future, everytime you change your pads you should go through the same process of cleaning them before re-assembling.

    If a bike shop is changing your pads for you and not cleaning the caliper and pistons when they do it, get a new bike shop.
  7. Nah i change them myself, i will keep this info in mind for all future changes!!

    thanks again.