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Rear Brake Squeal/Half seated...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by da_matrix, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Changed my cbr250rr rear brakes around a month ago and I also changed my brake fluid. Now the brakes squeal when i apply them gently or when i roll the back back.

    after ive changed them i realized they seem to apply unevenly, because the front end of the outter pad is all worn... its like the piston is pushing in the front of the pad only and side and not the other. and it is clearly visible that the pads at the rear of the brake arent seated on the disc (i.e theres a gap)

    Am i suppose to have applied some anti squeal stuff when i changed them? Am i going to have to rebuild my rear capilar...?
    I dont get it they are single piston brakes how could apply pressure to the front only and not the rear resulting in uneven wear.

    oh ive tried cleaning the brakes with sand paper several times and each time there is black crap at the front end of the pads on both sides like thats the only part thats getting used.
  2. Sounds strange to me, just make sure the pad is seated properly.

    Copaslip (get it at auto stores) applied to the back of the pad will stop the squealing.
  3. And clean all the brake dust off the disc

    ANd if theres a gap. make sure the caliper isn't fouling the disc, the piston side needs somthing to push against to increase friction, you could be grinding the edge off the caliper/disc
  4. Check and grease the pins that the caliper slides on. They may be jamming or worn. The caliper needs to slide from side to side so that the inside brake pad pulls up against the disc when you apply braking (the outside pad is pushed against the disc by the piston moving).

    Also, if your disc is worn undersize then the piston may come out too far and cock sideways.

    Squealing is usually caused by grunge on the brake disc, scrub it clean with wet+dry or emery paper, and your brake pad surface also, while you've got it apart.

    You didn't lose any of those little tin anti-squeal clips did you?
  5. Anti Squeal Clips....... :shock:

    Hmmm i remember there was a clip in the campilars pushing against the pads, they were in bad shape...