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Rear brake rotor.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. When i got my bike in January, the owner before me rode the rear brake.. and in turn the rear rotor has some pretty gnarly grooves in it.

    i bought it without a roadworthy because he had another buyer, and i couldn't let it go with the price i was buying it for, my dad looked over the bike and i rode it and everything was in order, besides the rotor and rear tyre.
    got new tyres a couple of months ago.

    Now when it got a roadworthy, i got told that i would need to replace the rotor as soon as possible.. but i didn't have the money, now i do.
    i'm having trouble finding one, i found heaps in america, but the prices fluctuate, from $90-200+

    and i honestly have no idea what one i need.

    i rang my local suzuki, and he quoted me $300 fitted..
    can anyone suggest a good parts supplier, and is $300 a good price or not?


    bikes a 2009 suzuki gs500.
  2. When it comes to brake discs, you have a few options.

    OEM discs are the most expensive. 300 fitted is not bad for a new OEM rotor. You can also find used OEM discs at wreckers quite easily, but you run the risk of purchasing a warped disc and thus encountering more hassle.

    A lot of people are happy to buy after market discs from companies that either produce their products locally or are at least managed locally. Metal Gear is probably the most popular and reputable. A back disc will set you back about $100 plus shipping, but you'll have to organise fitting. S3 Performance is a bit cheaper - off the top of my head I think they manufacture their discs in China (don't quote me) but they have good reviews.

    The cheapest option is Chinese discs from Ebay - you can easily find a rear for $40-50. Most people will say that they would never touch Chinese discs, but to date I have never read or heard about anyone encountering a bad one.
  3. www.findapart.com.au for a second hand one, eBay stuff would be fine, S3 Performance in particular are supposed to be good. I expect $100 should cover it, most rear rotors are pretty simple, unlike full floating front rotors.

    A quick eBay search reveals 5 in aus from$90-$130 shipped (& one in HK for $30...), I wouldn't bother with a s/h one at that price.
  4. yep s3 are great, i have them on my zx. rear cost 80 plus shipping (from melb, not china)
    IMO just don't bother with s/h rotors regardless of price.
    best to replace the pads at the same time
  5. got mine from metalgear, decent stuff for the price.
    if you install it yourself the whole thing will only set you back less than $150
    don't forget to use loctite when reinstalling the bolts!
  6. Cool thanks guys ill have a look at the stuff you have suggested later on.

    my dad said he would fit it if i can get it cheaper than what suzuki quoted.
  7. FWIW - I would pay the higher price to have guaranteed work with OEM parts completed on my brakes......

    Not that the rear is AS important and the front............
  8. +
    =If you have $300, yes.

    My old man just blew his caliper after changing his pads 1000km ago. The parts are 7-8 weeks away from being loaded on the ship in Japan. Kawasaki didn't want a bar of any warranty talk on his 30K km 18mth old bike because he did the pad himself, even though they weren't the cause.
    I am all for saving a buck, and the good times of working on the bike, but, sometime we have to set the moths free when we open our wallets and have some faith in the "professionals".
  9. ^^ it's a fair bet a 3yo bike bought privately won't have any sort of factory warranty to lose
  10. yeh it has no warranty

    i looked at the websites listed, i think it'll just be easier to pay the $300.

    cheers guys.
  11. Sounds expensive. You could bling it and DIY or pay someone and still have plenty of change unless you want something like Galfer or OEM.
    $50 job off Ebay would do fine, especially considering its the rear.