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Rear brake rotor/disc for XS1100

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by SuzukiX7, May 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone have any idea where i'd get an aftermarket rear brake rotor for an 81 xs1100rh.

    anyone got a mouldy xs in their shed?
  2. Still trying the wreckers, but the other two I've tried. Not sure there is an aftermarket rotor from what I'm hearing.

  3. Might have to look overseas to maybe the UK, where the old Excessive Elephant was a bit more common a bit more recently.

    Alternatively, many brake discs aren't hard to make, given access to a brake lathe and a suitable blank. Do you know anyone doing an automotive course at TAFE?

    I've seen a few car discs turned down and modified to fit bikes and they've worked well. I've also heard rumours of manholl covers being used, but have no first-hand experience.
  4. Metalgear dont make an aftermarket, primarily - I think - because the disc isn't flat. It has a concave centre which offsets the disc but is still manufactured as a single piece item (not a rotor bolted onto a bracket).

    Will try a few UK searches - good call. I have family there so shipping one shouldn't be too hard.

    Cheers for the idea.

    Have called planetdiscs, but no answer.
  5. Nice to see M & P still going. We impoverished bikers would never have been able to get our machinery through MoTs without 'em :grin: .
  6. The R65 is wearing a Metal Gear disc. Because the old non floating disc was riveted to a carrier the old worn one had to be sent so they could do the refurb. The old carrier had been decked slightly, probably just to guarantee it was true. Apparently they wouldn't warranty the new disc unless they did the installation.

    Very happy with the result - under $250 with a set of pads included.
  7. Disc

    Contact the XS650 club as a lot of these guys have the 4 cyls as well.
  8. Planet Discs Wantirna South ph 9801 7067

    Ask for Max and tell him from me that the caliper extension he made for me is grouse, and that my bike stops 100000% better now than what it did when brand new last year!