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Rear Brake Pad Wear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jd, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Noticed recently that the level in my rear brake reservoir was down slightly so decided to check out the pads and calipers. To my surprise I found that the rear pads were worn well down - the outer pad had more backing plate showing than friction material! I've already managed to chase up a new set of pads and drop them in so no problems there I'm just wondering how quickly the rear pads on a 250 wear during normal commuting use? The bike was supposedly fully serviced when I bought it so would the 5,000kms I've travelled since have been enough to wear out the pads or is it more likely they were overlooked during the service?

  2. No way brake pads should wear out (especially rear ones, in 5000k's.
  3. Though as much, though I wonder just how much friction material was on the pads when the bike was (supposedly) okayed through both a service and roadworthy inspection.
  4. JD unless your are one of these people who is scared of the front brake, and do all your braking with the back brake (??), I can't see any way the pads should be shot in 5,000 kays.
    Of course it's always possible that the previous owner was a rear-brake-only rider, but as you rightly say, that should have been picked up in the service.
    The back brake on the modern bike is just there to steady the bike; in fact 20 years ago I rarely used the back brake when I was last riding. Strange!
  5. I have had my brake pads replaced today by Pete the Pom (also a service and tune which I will go into in another thread)
    I have put 40,000 km on the across and this was my 1st brake pad change, although upon looking at them, they were very much due to be replaced.
  6. Thanks for the info, given that the bikes only got about 24,000ks total on the clock it seems possible that the old pads could've been the originals. The amount of wear surprised me given that I don't really use the rear brake all that much just worries me that this wasn't picked up in the service OR the roadworthy (and yes I've already checked the front pads - they're fine).
  7. Just checked my bike's servicing record and I got 57000k's out of my rears and it's a big VFR750!
  8. brake pads need a very minimal amount of friction material to pass a rwc..
    something along the lines of 1-2mm.

    so it's quite likely that they were roadworthy when you bought the bike but not
    after 5000kms :)
  9. Or you could have a sticky caliper and they are staying "on".

    I had the BB serviced at 30,000km and was asked why I dont use the rear brakes at all coz the pads were near on new *shrug*
  10. Is that all?? acording to my calculations... 57,000 fronts and rears which I only changed cos I had them...