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Rear brake not working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by CaffeineMonster, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Hey, I have noticed my rear brake doesn't appear to be working. Don't know if is pedal mechanism or the brake itself. Pedal mechanism is a rizoma rear set thingy. Plenty of fluid in the reservoir but don't get a hydraulic compression feel only feel the spring. Also, brake light doesn't activate until pedal fully depressed. Other day pedal seemed to rotate downwards while trying to do a hill start and appeared to stay way down until I lifted it up with foot. Since that it doesn't seem to move beyond normal range, but still no brake.

    Note: I am a complete mechanical gumby. Any ideas of what I should be looking for / testing? Pic below.
  2. the adjustment nut on the rear master pushrod.
  3. I saw on other rear brake threads you are the guy to go to for an explanation.

    Now I just need you to explain what / where the adjustment nut and rear master pushrod are / can be found. And maybe how to make adjustments
  4. phht, i have no idea :p but i'll find out.
    the spring bit is interesting. suspect that the nut adjusting the length of the rod has moved, so spring holds lever in position, but doesn7t engage the rod and the brake properly...
    vague post here (#8)

    do you have service manual?
  5. I was thinking something the same but had bugger all idea of what connects to what where this might have occurred. Is a rizoma aftermarket rearset. There were some papers but in Italian If I remember correctly
  6. from your owners manual (assuming 659)
    note this looks like looking from inside of the bike outwards (so the brake pedal is on the far side.. ie, reverse of your image)

    so... the bit that 4 and 5 adjust, is the brake light switch., ie the switch stops the pedal going up higher.

    the adjusting nut 6, _independently_ adjusts the freeplay between pedal starting position and the start of brake application.

    if the pedal height is ok when you pull it up, then you need to turn nut 6, probably anticlockwise when looking from rear of bike toward it (looking from 7), until the freeplay reduces.
  7. brake-ducati.
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  8. Thx, I remember that from the manual. Not sure if rear sets uses the same parts as the original or came inclusive with replacement bits. Am searching some rizoma related threads at the moment and people talking same about needing to adjust piston rod like you said. Shall get dirty tomorrow when I have light to see if can adjust it
  9. can you take a picture of the rod/master assembly?
    ie looking from behind, between the swingarm and the heel plate..
    is even possible the rod had slipped out of place (hence the pedal dropping so far).
  10. 11. Was just thinking about how to get behind there - bugger all room. Was just reading a rizoma rear set installation thread where they showed it (similar model)
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  11. This pic better as this is final position when mounted
  12. #13 oldcorollas, Oct 4, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2016
    actually.. looking at this..
    the silver nut arrowed in green is probably the locknut.
    loosen that first (if tight)

    then turn the bottom (LHS in pic above) gold thingy, which likely has screw thread in it. (R257 in pic below)
    turn it anti-clockwise (looking from left side of pic above) and rod should get longer


    ie this
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  13. I found the nut inside the spring was halfway up the thread (can see it in the first pic I posted. I screwed it back down and that seemed to be the adjustment fix to get brake to work. Cant see and locking nut for it though so it will be moved up again unless I can find it.

    It doesn't adjust the brake light engagement though. To get brake light to engage have to push pedal all the way down and then some - gives a little notchy click when gets to that point it engages. I had problems with the brake light getting stuck on before (after some twat backed into my bike knocking it over just after had rear sets installed - bloody SUV drivers). The nut that controlled it would always come loose, so I had a pressure switch installed and nut I used to adjust the light doesn't appear to be there anymore. doh!
  14. Ok, it was the lock nut it seems that was loose and halfway up the thread. Tried turning the gold bit - not sure which way counter-clockwise was - seemed to help some more. Shall get bike out of its hidey hole tomoz so can have a proper play around with it.

    Thx for help
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  15. when you turn the collar, you want the locknut to move further up (cos that means the rod is getting longer)

    then lock the locknut :p
  16. So, now you've used up your "What excuse can I use to show off my Ducati?" opportunity :LOL:

    sounds like the right result!
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  17. It's a Ducati - imagine there will be more opportunities!
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  18. I shouldn't talk about showing off , should I, I'm just doing exactly that in my new sports car

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  19. As long as you don't have a bald spot you'll be fine. If you do can always wear your helmet.