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Rear brake lights constantly full on

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by The Phoenix, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. My rear break lights come on as soon as I turn the ignition key. They do not increase in intensity when the front or rear brakes are applied. They constantly look as though I have the brakes on :shock: . Any ideas???

  2. Therel be an ajuster u can find and play with
  3. Where does this adjuster live on my bike? Its a CBR250RR.
    Thanks for super fast reply.
  4. try the one on the rear brake, somewhere near the lever therl be one i duno about that bike though
  5. O.K, you have two brake light switches, the front one will be either near the brake lever, and will be actuated by the lever, or will be down on the hydraulic line to the fromt brakes somewhere. First off, try removing one wire from this switch when your ignition is on, if your light goes off, dud switch, if not, move to the rear brake lever.
    The switch for the rear brake will be attached to the brake lever, and is usually fairly close to the lever. Do the same wire trick with the wiring. If it goes out, you have to either adjust ths switch or the switch is broken.
    Adjustment of a brake switch is usually by loosening a locknut and turning the switch body or similar. It will be fairly obvious.
    If for some reason your brake lights still stay on, you have a short in your wiring somehwere.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Gotta figure out if it's the rear or front brake that is triggering the light. If it's the rear, it's likely just a spring or similar attached to the back of the lever - have a look for it behind your foot pegs. It'll probably have a screw-in/out type thing to adjust when it comes on.

    If it's the front, I'm not as sure - could be hiding inside the lever assembly. Either way, it's just a switch, so it should be easy enough to locate. Usually you can hear both of them click when they turn the brake light on (assuming the bike isn't running). That might help you pick which one is at fault.

    This is all assuming it's not a wiring/electrical issue. ;)
  7. just behind where your right foot sits at the back of the heel plate there will be a black plastic screw adjuster, slacken it off half a turn at a time till your rear light dims down to riding mode, then give it a half to one turn more so it doesn't flash when your rear break lever vibrates
  8. All I can say is WOW….Thanks so much. I will give it a go now and let you all know if it works, tomorrow.
  9. Thanks guys my brake lights work perfectly now. It was the spring attached to the back brake that was causing the problem but it’s ok now.
  10. Great. Glad it was an easy fix. :)