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rear brake light

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tarsh, May 17, 2007.

  1. Hi

    two q's:

    1) when engine braking occurs, does the rear brake light turn on? or is it only when the actual brakes are pressed?

    2) whats the correct technique for coming to a stop at a red light?

    I usually pull the clutch in and click down one gear at a time while slowly squeezing both brakes at the same time. i went to an ordinary learner's school so i wasn't taught these things


  2. 1 no the brake light doesnt come on whilst engine braking?

    2 not sure there is an exact procedure to follow when stopping at the lights, depends how quickly you need to stop, how much traffic is around, but using your brakes is a good start, although is there is littele traffic coast up shifting down and using the engine to slow down before engaging the brakes
  3. In non emergency situation you'll want to use gears to slow you down (brakes will last longer). The brake light wont come on with engine braking (else it would come on every time you rolled off the throttle). So you want to blip the throttle as you go down each gear. More info about blipping using the search function, learn it.

    But basically you do this very quickly: clutch in, increase throttle, clutch out, decrease throttle. Doing that for each gear, increased throttle to match engine revvs to lower gear. It means you can downshift without the sudden jolt.