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Rear brake-foot swelling

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fortstreetboy, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Hi.

    Well I just passed my MOST changing from yellows to reds - whoo hoo

    Has anyone else had a problem with R foot swelling after overusing the rear brake.

    It must be my newbieness and riding school emphasis on rear brake use for low speed manevring.

    Anyhow- the problem is a major nuisance with tendon swelling and redness for sev days after use. ...is it because of my boot, too much muscle tension ? or what ?

  2. I use the rear brake a lot possibly more than anyone else I know and even I don't come remotely close to using it so much it causes issues with my foot. Either something else is happening or you are definitely using it way too much.

    Rear brake is useful at low speed but low speed is probably well under 20 kph after that your bike is pretty stable. I can't imagine you doing too much distance at under 20 kph. If you are, you need to pick up the pace a bit before you get rear ended.

    If you are tense on your bike you may be tiring out muscles which is causing the issue, if so try to relax and enjoy the ride.
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  3. OK, congrats on passing MOST.

    I've worked with quite a lot of learners, and, AFAIK none have reported such symptoms to me.

    I am not a doctor, and those members of NR who are qualified, are rather ethically limited.... go and see your own quack.

    As it happens, at the beginning of this just past winter, I did have a problem with swelling of my right foot.... not anything to do with operating the foot brake on a motor bike.

    My specialist, when he learnt I was off to Greece for holidays, recommended that I spend lots of time, standing, chin-deep in the sea. :)

    It worked a treat for me, but dunno if it would do any good here in the Ozzie sea.

    Only suggestion I can offer is that the brake pedal is badly adjusted and is requiring some silly amount of movement.......
  4. Does this mean if you had a problem with your chin you would need to stand foot deep in the sea?
  5. Dunno.

    The theory was that the water pressure would act just like a compression bandage on the foot, I think.

    Whatever, it did work to reduce my foot swelling.
  6. Certainly not normal and I doubt that it has anything to do with riding technique. I use the rear brake a lot offroad riding, and never had any swelling issues. More likely that your boot is too tight or you have another medical issue. It could also be the position of the brake pedal. If it is too high, you may be putting stress on your tendon, and this is causing the swelling. Try adjusting it a bit lower and see if this helps.
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  7. My left foot swelled up about a year ago. Lots of doc visits, x-rays, ultrasounds, bloods, CT-Scan, MRI, Physio, Podiatrist. None could solve it. Wearing comfy footwear eased it a bit. But the most plausible diagnosis yet was from - of all people - a Pilates instructor. Took one look at my knee, and asked when I injured it because it is odd. Huh? Well I looked and stuff me - it isn't the same as the right one. I banged it up a bit when I was a teenager, but never needed any medical help. Strengthened up my leg muscles around the knee, and the swelling goes away. It puts my whole leg out of whack a bit, and the tendons go down the inside of your leg and under your foot. An imbalance in muscle strength can irritate your foot and cause it to swell. Two sessions, and the swelling was gone. Comes back when I'm lazy.
    Sounds like the new activity (braking) is irritating an old injury, or just causing an imbalance somewhere (could be anywhere from your foot to your lower back). Get yourself off to a Pilates session and talk to the instructor about what's happening. If they are any good, they'll have it sorted in two sessions.
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  8. The swelling and redness seem to imply you have an inflammation such as tendinitis, bursitis etc.
    Elevation and anti inflammatory medication should settle it.
    On another note why are you using the rear brake so much? Rear brake should be only for slow speed manoeuvres such as roundabouts. 80% of you braking power is in the front brake.
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  9. You should be going through roundabouts at a higher speed than warrants rear brake. Otherwise sooner or later you are going to be a hood ornament.
  10. Congrats on the colour change!
    I am thinking your boots/shoes could also be the issue here and/or exacerbating a pre-exisiting issue and as drjay555drjay555 says inflammation is the outcome. Everytime you ride you keep aggravating the same condition.
    Could be your boots are too loose and the heel is riding up when you brake and aggravating your Achilles...
    Or even too tight boots which could be creating a different set of issues...
    Could even be the ergonomics of your seating position resulting relative to your hips and lower legs possibly resulting in flexor tendonitis...
    Go get it checked out.
  11. If you guys are going to do medical stuff can I have a prescription for good drugs.
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  12. I used my rear brake once about 3 years ago, my foot was fine.
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  13. You foot should be at rest, just above the brake pedal, with the sole of your boot lightly brushing the pad. If you need to lift your foot up to engage the rear brake then the pedal is too high. It maybe you are riding with your foot raised at a poor angle?
  14. Thank you to those who replied. I am reassured that it doesnt seem to be a function of the activity rather something to do with my leg or my use of my leg muscles.

    Many thanks.
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