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Rear brake disc getting caught?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chickenmanic, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Hi all, im unsure if this is the right spot or something.
    However i would like to know if the location of the swingarm could make the rear brake disk forcibly stop the rear wheel and cause rotational noise like it is.
    I found out by spinning the rear wheel freely theres to spots in the rotation that you really have to push the wheel through to get it moving (brake isnt straight), i get that but im wondering if a slight misalignment can cause that to happen as i have just had new tryes fitted and noticed the swingarm has 4 notches on the left side and 5 on the right.

    It is currently with peterstevens at the moment and hopefully have some words from them in the next 2 hours.
    The only reason why im asking is because i just dont trust there servicemen at all and am thinking highly off taking it to another mechanic soon to get her looked at and serviced.
    Any recommendations for the south east subs in victoria would be great to or a link to another thread for that.

  2. Two reasons, misaligned rear wheel, warped disc, sight along the rear of your sprocket, spin the wheel, you should be able to see, there should be no resistance, look at how the chain is going on the sprocket, should be straight.
  3. Mate brakes always have a small amount of resistance, but your wheel should spin freely and it should very slowly come to a halt, from chain resistance and you'll hear a very faint rubbing sound from your rear pads on the disc. The notches on the swing arm aren't usually super accurate and so I use callipers to measure the gap left instead, or if you've got a laser you can rest it on your sprocket to check alignment.

    From the sound of it your rear wheel isn't straight so there will be extra chain resistance and the disc won't be runnning straight through the calliper. I'd definitely get them to realign the rear wheel before finding a new mechanic. Haven't heard a lot of good things about the Peter Stevens service department...
  4. for a good work shop try mototecnic in knoxfield
  5. If it's misalignment it should drag the whole circumference.

    I'm betting warped disc.
  6. thanks for the advice guys peter stevens have sorted it all out (it was something to do with the brakes) I will check out moto technic for my next service due in a month, thanks uncle greg.
    Also sorry all for not being responsive lately i had fallen ill around the time this all happened and have finally gotten though the worst of it just in time for gp :)