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Realy bad experiance for a newcomer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mgbroker123, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I dropped into a Sydney late model wrecker today looking for a secondhand exhaust system for my Honda.

    Helpfull enough guy (guy 1) showed me 2* systems, one he had on the rack for $250 (item 1) and another still on the bike (item 2) for $200. After a bit of neg in the workshop we agreed and I paid $230 for item 1.

    After paying for Item 1, in the light of day as the system got out of the workshop towards daylight, it was apparent the system was damaged more than thought.

    I then spoke to guy 2 as guy 1 was busy. I pointed guy 2 towards item 2, and he said it was $250 - I said 5 mins ago I was quoted $200 - he accused basically me of being a liar. A few moments later Guy 1 agreed that item 1 was more damaged than we both thought and refunded my money. In principle I would not ever buy anything from this mob again..

    Within an hour I obtained an atleast equivalent system from another supplier for $80.
  2. If item 1 is bought by customer 2 and customer 1 buys item 3 assuming theres a total of 5 items at the begininng how many items do we have left?
  3. none.

    i ate all the apples :)
  4. wow! . goes to show they just make shit up as they see fit. :evil:

  5. OMG! .. u got me bad ...um ...
    item 2-4-5 is left =P
  6. You've only just figured out that wreckers are all a pack of robbers, out to rob you of every last cent you have? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  7. I agree with wreckers being a less than desireable breed.

    I've found that the best way is to do the work over the phone. If you just turn up at a wreckers they will attempt to charge you more as you are at their premises and they know its going to cost u more time and trouble to go any other place when you can be impatient and get your item right there and then, value sacrificed.

    And yes, of course they make up prices as they go.
  8. Re: Really bad experience for a newcomer

    They seem OK. They gave your money back.

    1) There is no such thing as a hard and fast price - an item is only worth what someone will pay for it.

    2) It's not uncommon for customers to lie in the way you describe bloke #2 (or was it dealer 1a?) thinking you might be doing. If that's the worst thing that happens to you as a consumer then you get it easy!

    If that is the worst thing that happens to you as a motorcyclist...wow! Ideal life...

    Why didn't you let everyone know where you got the bargain?? It's always good to shop around and not take the first deal you are offered.

    Are you suggesting that Metro is "ripping folks off"? Cuz it's a free-market economy and there are no fixed prices for anything. Just shop around and get real. :)


    Trevor G

    PS Someone might even point out that this belongs in another forum...
  9. The ideal life

    Trevor G, I agree - if this thing was the worst to happen in life it would be an ideal life, ie - in reality no worries and thus nothing to complain about. Yet.. I did however get really frustrated when I was basically called a liar - I'm not a liar - I'd just had one bloke tell me something and another tell me something else 5 mins later ... the frustration... Anyway, lets let this thread lie & hope for a safe and sunny riding day tomorrow ...
  10. LOL, how about when you pick up something for CHEAP from the wreckers. Do you spring into action telling them that they're not charging you enough??? Do they log onto a wreckers' forum, bad mouthing you by name, telling everyone not to deal with you as you ripped them off???

    2nd hand stuff, some good, some bad. Just gotta be able to pick the difference.
  11. Wreckers are thieves, often try to sell you worn out parts no better than what you are trying to replace, and they make the price up as they go. Every engine in their place will say tested 180psi above the cylinders, and you can bet half of them were never tested.

    As a rule I never ever deal with them, rather get raped by a dealer and at least get new parts....
  12. or if you find a good one, build a relationship with them...

    When I was racing cars, we had a good wrecker who we had a good relationship with... they called me and my co-driver Shonkey 1 and Shonkey 2... it was a U-pull-it type place and we sent them a christmas card that said "thanks for all the free stuff, Shonkey 1 and Shonkey 2"...

    No all bad, but they are in it to make money not friends...

  13. Eleventeen.
  14. haha that's awesome! i went to one yesterday and the guy didn't like being told that a 10 year old scissor jack and handle wasn't worth $40...

    turns out i went to school with a girl that was working there so at least had a good chat
  15. I thought this was going to be some story like "I'm a n00b and just got run off the road and now I'm all b0rked".....
  16. [​IMG]
  17. i had a wecker give me a bolt for free once... thus endeth the thread
  18. 42!
  19. Isn't that the answer to the secret of the universe or something??? From Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy???

    geeky enough to know something, not smart enough to know what...
  20. Same goes for the nOOb.

    He's already changed his story 3 times in 24hrs :LOL: