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Really need some info here!!! YAM TW200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about the yam tw200? Im interested in getting one (im on my L's) because it is cheap, and its kinda cool.

    Wondering how hard it woulld be to road register, dont know what rules they have in adelaide with bikes a L platers?

    Any info would be awesome people

    :D :shock: :D
  2. Thanks heaps for that hornet :D
  3. at my leaners course they had tw200 and tx250s i think they were..the tw200s are lower seats, but suspension is harder than most other trail bikes..also been a 200 its a little less power but hardly noticeale..the rear wheel is FAT as too, pretty cool..
  4. Indeed, a strange-looking bike, but by all reports available, well-liked by those who've ridden/owned.
    With reference to transport, owen, one of the forumers actually works for a company that transports bikes, I just can't for the life of me remember who it is........
  5. Do people think i would be better off with a TW 200 or a GPX250, similar prices for used ones...

    Totally different bikes, i think both are cool.
  6. Owen, depends what sort of riding you want to do. If you are going to commute the GPX250 is the one. If you want to commute and have the opportunity to take the bike off the road then go the TW200. If you want to just ride off the road, get the TW200 and get it recreationally registered, which is cheaper. Decide on the type of riding that you'll be doing and then purchase accordingly.
  7. Owen,
    check www.mcnews.com.au, in the 'Late Braking News" link there is a brief review of the TW200.
  8. A TW200 will have an embolism if you ask it to sit on the freeway for any length of time. The GPX250 can take you around Australia.

    As a functional bike to take you to work/uni/cafe/twisties, the GPX will have it all over the TW, which is pretty much a dressed up farm bike.
  9. Thanks for the honest IK.
    Yeah i think the novelty of the FAT back tire has already worn off...

    Those GPX's are HARD to come by though.... :(
  10. Dude, the Trading Post website alone lists 34 GPX's for sale...