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Really my fault?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heavyw8, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. As i was on my way home today, some guy in a van merged right in front of me without indicating forcing me to brake rather hard.

    As we pull up at the lights, i give him a gesture as in asking 'what the F$%^ was that'? (nothing over the top).

    As he winds down his window, i notice he has one hand pressed to his ear and hes chatting on his mobile. getting a little frustrated wth dude, he shouts out..... 'why not drive a bloody car?!'

    can you believe the nerve of this guy?

    It was either i jump off my bike and end up being charged for assault or laugh it off....

    obviously i chose the latter.

    crazy people :p
  2. should have replied with "cos if i was in a car we would have had a accident back there, learn to drive moron"
  3. or you could take down his rego, find out where he lives and organise a netrider meeting at his place!!

    all invited!!

  4. I like the last suggestion, esp if some of the more inspired members can chunder on his hall carpet!!!
  5. These idiots and their mobiles.
    "Why not drive a bloody car?"

    "Because I CAN drive!" :evil:
    Glad you came out of it ok though.
  6. fcuk it i would have got of the bike and belted the moron. Stupid fcukin half wit. Hope some day the prick gets his right whack.. people like him make me wild.
  7. Morons are not gender/location/race/specific.
    We all meet them and they're all like this one...
  9. Yep it was your fault coz you were on the road taking up air, road space etc :shock: dont you know cars have the right of way :wink:

    Perhaps a scratch on the duco would have fixed the situation for a friendly reminder

    Cheers 8)
  10. I can understand your frustration with this guy. It happens every day to all of us and we have a perfect right to feel mad about it and expect that people should learn to drive better, have more consideration and much higher driving skills etc. However I really don't think the govt or "people of the world" are really going to do anything, in the near future anyway, to improve the general standards of driving.

    So, I ride and expect people to do the wrong thing, I expect them to pull out, I expect them to cut me off, I expect them to rear end me at the lights, I expect them not to see me, I expect them to cross the white line onto my side of the road etc etc.

    If you expect all of this (and probably more) then I reckon two things happen 1) You don't get mad and 2) You ride safer.

    That doesn't mean we should accept this situation. We should be pushing for improved standards of driving rather than just letting the govt get away with giving everyone speeding fines in the mistaken belief that speeding is the only problem. However getting mad at one guy isn't going to fix the problem because no one ever thinks they are wrong. All you get back is stupidity. (Which makes you madder)

    I try to ride the best I can to compensate for their poor driving. When they do something wrong then I just shake my head and think that it's lucky that at least bike riders are aware of what's going on.

    One day I might make a mistake and not be able to compensate for them which means that I might get hurt. so hopefully I won't make a mistake.
  11. similar thing happened to me the other night... deserted 4 lane road and a parked cab (without his lights on) on the opposite side pulls a u-turn into my path... i had to swerve onto the wrong side of the road to miss him :? (no oncoming traffic :D )

    i flash the high beams and make the usual hand gestures but eventually he gets caught at a red light. i put the bike in neutral, kick down the side stand, get off and walk up to his window - i've never seen a guy hit his central locking so fast :LOL:

    (for the record i wouldn't have actually done anything... just wanted to give him a piece of my mind).

    be careful out there people...
  12. i like yo style!

    wonder if the big bikey harley riders get this kinda crap???
  13. When I had the Sportster I used to get less crap than with my current R65LS. They would actually notice you (and that was with the standard quiet exhaust).

    I got least crap of all though with my old ex-cop K series :LOL: Especially if I wore the white helmet and black jacket.

  14. Of course if it's a van etc. they often have a company name or mobile phone number on the side. If you can take note of it and call them then you can make your thoughts known very effectively. It's especially good if you tell them that you've been a customer of theirs but you're never going to use them again now... :LOL:

  15. I had an older lady do that to me recently (except I was in the centre lane, car in front and behind, and she decided to take my lane because there was a parked car in her lane up ahead. I 'tooted' when I saw her doing this and then braked heavily as she showed no signs of stopping. Went up beside her (still moving) after and she gave me the finger. So I slowed and followed her for the next 15 k's. I don't think she was willing to go wherever she was going and get out! I should note that I followed her because she kept going in the general direction of my destination. :)
  16. It's a dangerous game trying to intimtdate or get your own back on car drivers when you're on the bike.

    The problem that started the incident should be enough to warm you that you're the one most likely to lose of the pursuit turns ugly.

    Dan is right when he says to leave it alone. Fools like this won't learn even if you DO give them a piece of your mind (and you'll have less mind to work with as a result as well)

    Stop, if necessary. Walk around for a few minutes, cool down, let the adreniline settle. Have a cuppa if there's one available and focus on all the great times you've had riding and it will gradually come into perspective that, in the overall scheme of things, you're STILL better off.

    As someone's sig says, "breathe, in, out, in, out"

    It's better to be 5 minutes late than dead on time.
  17. Are you offering to provide all the bourbon it will take me to chunder Hornet 8) :p :p
  18. It'd be worth it, wouldn't it???
  19. I don't know how much you'd need but I can tell you for a couple of people around here all you'd need would be to give them a smell of the cork... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. It's always worth it....

    ......'til the next morning when you swear to yourself that you will never drink again......

    .....'til the next week when you do it all over again.....

    Who ever said history never repeats????
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: