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Really helpful bike shop - Kogarah' Sydney city motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by freaksauce, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. I just wanted to recommend to anyone living in the Sydney area to make the short trip out of the city to Kogarah' Sydney city motorcycles, I've had a few issues with the inner city shops not being too helpful and after dropping in on Saturday to buy a new Visor I can't praise them enough. Both times I have had the friendliest and most helpful staff take their time answering questions I had, I've only been riding for 4 months so I have a lot of questions!!

  2. Nah been there twice and both times they were wankers!!!!

    they lost a $15k sale because they couldnt do any better than a 5% discount on gear($1800 worth) when buying a 05 1000cc gixxer!!

    I will say it again WANKERS!!!!!! :censored: :soapbox:
  3. They are wankers because they wouldn't give you the discount you wanted? Indeed.....
  4. Sounds a bit harsh! I wasn't there to haggle I just wanted to actually get served promptly and in a friendly manner, last time I was in MCA I waited 20 mins to get served then the sales person got bored and walked off and served someone else because I wanted to try on more than 1 jacket before parting with my hard earned cash!
  5. I was test riding a bike from this shop a while ago and when I came back and told the salesman I wanted to buy it he rather sheepishly said he had taken a deposit on the bike while I was out riding it.

    I suggested that as I was still holding the keys he had something of a problem, and after some prompting the manager of the store told me he would undo the deal his salesman had just signed if I would pay $1000 more than the sticker price.

    Repeating the nature of the offer so everyone in the shop understood what had just taken place, I made clear my feelings on my treatment by these people, my assesment of thier business practices, and what I thought any potential customers should do. And I think it's worth repeating here.

    In thier dealings with me they were dishonest, unethical and downright rude. To any one who is considering a major purchase from this business I would say don't bother, they displayed no conscience when I was dealing with them, and I will never set foot in the place again.
  6. You'll learn. :)

    If someone doesn't want to sell you something they don't have to. Did you realise that? Even if they have a wrong price sticker on the item...

    If you don't want to pay the price they ask, then you don't deserve the merchandise. They weren't engaging in "bait and switch" tactics, which are illegal. They were just responding to "sale and demand."

    Hold the keys all you like, but if you had retained them, you would have been guilty of theft. They committed no wrong. Get used to dealing in a hot marketplace.


    Trevor G
  7. I have learnt Trevor, you won't see me in there again. easy. :grin:
  8. :shock:
    Having the keys in your hand means absolutely fcuk all! You seem to be implying that if they had asked for the keys back so they could sell it to the bloke standing next to you, you would have refused. Which is theft because it isn't yours to do with what you please!!!

    I have bought a new bike, bought heaps of parts on many different occasions and had numerous major and minor servicings and modifications done at Sydney City at Kogarah. I have found them to be brilliant. Especially compared to the total cocks at places like Action. Even at MCA, it is rare to get good service. The city store isn't too bad but the Liverpool store is hit and miss and the Parramatta store is appalling.
  9. I've only ever gone there once. I'd go again but they're a fair ride away from me.

    I went to get my right hand foot peg mount replaced for a ZZR250 after dropping it. Spoke to the guys at the sales desk who told me that they would have to import it new from Japan, set me back $250. That was a bit on the painful side as I was a uni student on a budget at the time but I thought what had to be done, well, had to be done.

    So I troop down to the service area out back and told the mechanic about the problem and how much I was advised it would cost. He looks at me in a funny way and goes "Mate, you can get one of those at the wreckers for a fraction of the cost. I'll ring around for you and get you one." A week later I'm back on my bike and the peg cost me $70.

    I can't really recommend the sales people but their mechanics are awesome. Willing to help out a noob at the time like me.
  10. I brought a pair of summer gloves at Kogarah. I found them to be helpful. I brought my helmet from their Lane Cove store. I also found them to be helpful. I also like MCA at Liverpool. I didn't like the stores at Parramatta. Maybe Bikebiz would be the best of the Parramatta stores.

    As for buying a bike at Koragah. So far, they give me heaps of advice about the various bikes they have on offer. I told them that I was in no position to buy but they were still cool with letting me sit on the bikes and
    answering many of my questions. They gave me the time because they knew I might be in a position in a few months time.
  11. I think most bike shops are not owned and serviced by one and the same person. They are big businesses and they act like one. There is the service department and the sales department. One can be brilliant and the other can suck big…
    Sales could be filled with casual salesmen who want to make their 10% now, today, and don’t really care if bunabaroo is not happy. They only care to make a good cut for their casual pockets.
    Also, those casual salesmen pushing bikes on the floor, can only give you as much cut on gear, as that is not their department. The owners don’t care, sale was done, even if some end up unhappy. Shortsighted? Sure.. Is there an alternative place to go? Not many.. So they have the upper hand.
    The only competition they have at the moment is ebay and online sales from USA for gear. Make sure you make the best of it!!
    So I think the farther you go from the “city†and the smaller the shop is, you might get better price/service.
    And whenever you see a new store opening, give it a go as we need more shops to make competition work, the demand is there.
  12. The two complaints I've heard here are rather dodgy.

    I've bought some misc crap when I was in the area and they seemed nice.

    Supernego is spot on, I don't think you can generalise. I've had fantastic experience with several of the sales people at Bikebiz at Parra, but then I've had a few negative ones as well.

    Yet somehow, through all that, Action Motorcycles have been awful every single time I've walked through their doors.

    Great to hear good stuff about a vendor anyway!
  13. I wouldn't take this claims as dodgy, as in malicious. Real stories real people :grin: Sure, you’ll never know the full story, but when you keep on hearing bad things about the same place from various posts, then something stinks.. And forums like this is the only place to find out, as the shop owners will never tell you the truth!!
    But I feel for bunabaroo. The salesman appeared as his best friend, coffees, smiles, made him feel like a king. He took the bike for a spin, bought the dream that the shop gave him and when he went back to give them his cash, they had already double crossed him. They were legally dishonest, opposite to the hard earn cash we give them, usually made legally and honestly.