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Really Dumb

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. It's not necessarily stupid to be riding on one wheel at 70km/hr over the speed limit
    Even without a licence...

    But doing it may bring some unwelcome attention when you are carrying what this character was... :roll:

  2. speeding in one sense may lead to speeding in another
  3. er... if you were going to be a mule would you:

    A: be Mr Average
    B: be inconspicuous
    C: do the job quickly
    D: use you bike as a unicycle!
  4. Haha, yeah sure. It was the bad motorbiking gangmember, I'm sure the taxi had nothing to do with it :roll:
  5. please say he wasn't wearing a helmet as well.

    dunce award.

  6. and so went the glory
  7. Further proof the weakest link in the chain is the one that gets caught.... if he has any sense he should have refused bail....

    Expect him not to show up for court....

  8. well this guy obviously knows how 2 handle his bikes and your rite it was just unfortunate he got caught with wat he did. im sure he would of bin aware of the risks and consequences. if he's willing to accept them then go hard m8. just dnt get caught next time! im sik of hearin all the crap about him not being our everyday motorbike rider and giving a bad name to everyone else.hell ben cousins had a drug problem and paid for but everyone still idolises him.whats the deal with all the righteousness?
  9. Ben Cousins was an idiot,

    he threw away a megabuck career for a bit of quick fun.

    Why on earth would we idolize someone that idiotic :roll:
  10. Good thanks, and how are you??? :?
  11. True.. Where are your manners?

    back to the OP, the dudes a retard. Deserves to be busted. :roll:
  12. Cause of his cute biceps and glutes! What else is needed for someone to be idolized over? :p
  13. dont spose any of you saw the interview with the blokes father and how many convictions the bloke had. Apparently a total disrespect for any authority and the quote from his old man was "hope they throw away the key".
    Yeah all fun and games to see a dickhead do this in front of a camera but hey guess what ladies and gents...It makes all of our lives more flamin dificult as motorcyclists.
    If you are a stunter and wanna show off ya skills, go to an organized day for it hey...or make some coin off it and rent yaself out.....
  14. Wrong guy. Read the OP. :wink:
  15. actually i have a pretty good idea of his past convictions and my mother would say the same thing about me,but hey the entire family knows shes a prejudice mental case. doesnt necessarily mean he's a bad guy. how many times have any of you speeded or broken the law.how many of you have a comfy life where the worst thing thats happened is you've lost your job or your great great grandma died. dont pass judgement on someone based on what you read until you've actually met them.
  16. Um, he's a bad guy. This isn't someone with a just couple of speeding fines and a penchant for rolled up $10 notes.
  17. yeah fair comment but there is only one person who can sort your own problems out.......yaself.
    Mite be gettin wires crossed here but we talkin bout same bloke....seems like quite a few showin up in front of camera's of late.
    Yes fair enough bout the judgement but when there is a history shown its pretty difficult not to judge...dont say you havent pre judged anyone....after all we are all only human....
  18. Im sure this guy has less brain cells than a goat and the thought of getting caught hadnt even crossed his puny mind.

    How about "Sweet there is another amphetamine selling f@&ker off the street!" ??
  19. It's annoying this justice thing... you make the penalties on a 'benefit of the doubt' basis and all sorts are a-holes laugh at us, you go all punitive and talkback-inspired and reformable people who did bad things end up without any reasonable chance of bettering themselves.