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Really dumb scooter girl !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rbarge, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Came across the worse scooter girl today, she pulled onto a main road with a large bag of shopping hanging off each handle bar, then she started going down the road in the right hand lane doing about 40kph :shock:, I carefully under took then stopped at the light in front of her, while we where at the light she must have slipped in the throttle as she shot to the side of me and nearly hit me.
    She apologised and told her to be bloody careful.

    Don't think she going to last long on the roads :?

  2. Was she hot?
  3. She had the latest scooter safety gear on ie short skirt :grin:
  4. I wasn't even there and I've forgiven her already.

    Good luck out there, Dumb Scooter Girl!
  5. Was she blonde? :bolt:
  6. This is why we have cameras in our phones people. Let's start using them eh??
  7. This thread is useless without pics.
  8. Tell her if she needs a hand with her shopping next time, I am available. :cool:
  9. On my way to the mystery ride tonight, I saw a scooter waiting at the lights on the opposite side of Blackburn Rd (just outside Monash Uni). This geeza had a hoodie on with a pushbike helmet over the top. He's hardcore :p How are people like that allowed on the road :?:
  10. Thats one hillarious image! :LOL:
  11. Coming back from the Foundry with the misses last night in the cage (bikes are not skirt friendly enough I'm told) when we pass by a scooter in the right hand lane (a little 50-100 cc thing reving it's box off to break 70).

    The rider is a bloke about 20-25 in t-shirt, shorts and a nice bike helmet. The scooter is hot pink :p

    It is a little off topic but if you picture it and the lack dignity implyed it is worth a smile :)
  12. And to continue this off-topicness, I saw a big burly bloke complete with tatoos etc (someone who'd really fit well on a Harley or something) on a hot pink scooter too! Was the strangest sight ever, he looked almost bigger than the scooter...
  13. Same, there is a fairly big bloke (Looks like he is in construction) who I quite often see, he rides in shorts/blundstones......on a postie bike.

    Looks rather funny.