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REALLY dumb computer question

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. ..... for as long as ever I can remember, (certainly as long as I've been on the interwebs), the convention to refesh a page has always been to hit F5.

    So why is it that on my Compaq laptop hitting F5 dims the screen, (which would seem by the markings to be the alternate function, invoked by using the Fn key), and hitting Fn/F5 refreshes the screen? Have Compaq decided to do it back to front just to annoy Lenovo users???
  2. could be the 'pre programmed' setup they have a default Paul. you didnt hit the function button at the same time by mistake did you?
    Cause my F5 seems to switch between the screen to ext monitor when operated with the function button. just a thought..
  3. Make sure you are using the correct version of the "quick launch" software, which controls the shortcut keys on hp based laptops, if you inadvertantly install one from a different model, all the shortcut keys do funny things/ dont work.. download it fresh from hp drivers page...
  4. mmm, you might have a point. I DID upgrade this device from Win 7 Home to Win 7 Enterprise, and while Device Mangler says all the harware stuff is working (and it IS), I didn't download any 'extra' Compaq stuff........
  5. yep download the compaq stuff as well.
  6. If you can't fix it, you can hit control+R as well.
  7. The Fn key could be sticky, just like Caps Lock.

    Try pressing Fn, releasing it, then F5.
  8. many vendors are doing this now. I have 2 dell laptops that have the buttons backwards. Used to be that to do other stuff (dim the screen etc) you had to press fn as well. NOW, the functions are default, and the proper f1-f12 are alternate <grrrrr> I friggin hate it.
  9. Don't have a function lock on by accident do you?
  10. Nope. They're designed that way.

    -- Sent from the year 2319 using Tapatalk (if you can read this, I finally got my flux capacitor working)
  11. For dells you can change it in the BIOS when you boot the computer to either function keys being the default, or F1-F12 being the default button.
  12. They're probably doing it for the slow mac users. Apple have the keys switched by default as well.