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Really "cross" Endurocross.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Griffon, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Nice find ... love the part where the two guys crash just before the finish line and the guy in the green 'wins' I guess?
  2. Yeah, In horse racing the jockey has to be on the horse to win. But you can push a car or bike over the line to take a win; so I spose you could argue that if you don't have to be in/on the bike/car it doesn't matter where its operator is when it crosses the line.... if you know what I mean. The bloke with the chequered flag seemed happy enough with the result.
  3. Plenty of empty seats in the stands though!
  4. Yep,

    I went to a Santana concert, and the place was only at about 30% capacity... That didn't stop Carlos Santana being one of the best guitarists on the planet.

    Did you notice how the riders attitude was like, balls out & Fcuk You?

    Edit: I just watched the vid again; it's like a celebration of anarchy. The sound track sums it up well enough.

    Perhaps they felt that they wernt being watched enough to have to worry about the whining Politicaly Correct snivellers.
  5. Bahahahaha :LOL: , i love that bit when they stack before the finish line and both launch the bikes in the air, thats gold.

    Awesome video, one of the best i've seen, imagine the damage that course would do to the bike, thats testing the capabilities of wheels/suspension.

    Thanks for link :)
  6. balls and all indoors trials riding....pretty interesting concept. lets hope it catches on eh?
  7. If they released a dozen chooks onto the arena, and awarded points for pre scambled eggs..... Speaking of scrambled eggs; the dude who scrambled his own eggs when he landed balls first deserves bonus points! :twisted:
  8. Great vid!

    The real side of a motorcross - love the first drop...

    "Oh, which bike is mine?"
    "Same colour as your clothes, dude."
    "Ah that's right, thanks."
  9. Looks like fun, but hard work.
  10. nice find, liked some of those obstacles

    Cheers :cool:
  11. :LOL: Nice vid.
  12. Glad you enjoyed a taste of "Endurocross".