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really bad week

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by furrycreature, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. iv had an on again off again relationship with this guy for about a year. we've been good friends for about 9 years and i dont like seeing him hurt. hes too trusting. his ex ended up with over a $1000 worth of stuff from him, cheated on him with god knows how many guys and then dumped him. we ended up back together about a month after that. i lent him $400 to pay for a dog and he was going to pay me back in a couple of days, then his ex tells him shes pregnant with his baby. did i mention hes the type that wants marriage and kids. the girls dad built him a tray for his ute and was doing it for free until he found out his daughter is pregnant so now he wants $3000 for it which means im not getting my money back for a long time if ever and i get dumped.
    i dont like relationships because i dont like spending that much time with people, i dont do the cuddly lovestruck thing, and i run away screaming with the whole commitment thing. what pisses me off though is i actually liked this guy. i dont get to go pig hunting or shooting now because his ex is rellay jealous.

  2. Yeah, that sucks... :( know how you feel unfortunatly...

    Now put that .22 down... oh wait, you said pig hunting, so make that a 3030 :grin: ....

    Unless you go hardcore archery :shock: in which case i'm really impressed... i used to go up to Hay apparently (i was quite young the last time)

    Nothing we say will make you feel better about the situation, but hope you can get a few laughs to try to help :)

    (PS go tell him to get a DNA test done on the baby...)
  3. Guns?? Bows?? It's only true pig hunting if the only weapon you take is a big f*ck-off Bowie knife.

    Now, Furry one, I think you should take that big bowie knife (that I know you've got...) and go on a 'pig' hunt of your own... :LOL:

    Seriously though man, that's one tough nut to swallow. But on the plus side, I suppose the dog is technically yours...
  4. Dear Cheating B1tch,

    I'd like a paternity test, please.

    Best Regards,

    (furrycreatures's friend)

    That sucks furrycreature :(
    Have you tried the slight-distance relationship? - get together with someone who lives close enough for you to hang out on weekends, but not close enough to be practical during the week.
  5. Dad comes from seychelles... over there, they trap the pig in an enclosure built up in the mountains, then 3 or 4 blokes take to it with a 2x4... you can hear the skull split from 30/40ft away.... i was lik 7 when i seen that, then they threw the dead pig in the tray with me, after they blew out the intestines for black pudding. i didn't eat pork for 15 years... now that's pig huntin'!
  6. Jeez, is there no end to man's inhumanity to man???

    If the ex has been sleeping around, who's to say that it your guy's baby?

    But anyway, if he's the marrying/kids/settle down type, and you're not, then it was going to come to an end eventually anyway. There's 3 billion men in the world; one of them is the right one for you......

    that man was prepard to give without payment, you weren't!

    that man is wrong to ask for money after his daughter got preggas. it's the womans responsibility to take the tablets that need to be taken. (im pretty sure she did it deliberately to god knows who. woman do such things to get the prize. she may not even be preggas, she might be planing on getting preggas and pretending the conception was earlier)



    those are rhetorical questions.

    this one is not;

    are you one of those hunters who kills to eat, or do you go out into the wilderness, hurt and injury animals, put fear into the minds of those who survived and leave the injured behind without medical intervention?

    what happened to you does suck but that's nothing in comparison to what happens to the lives of wild animals. i know there are hunters who do it right, and hunters who just couldnt care less.
    if i were you, i would get my money back

    tell this guy that a baby is no reason get back with a person he had decided he didnt want to be with.

    tell him he doesnt have to be that desperate to start a family. remined him of that father in law and the problems he can expect in the future.

    give him heaps of sympathy for the fact his genes may be mixed with such people.

    tell him that wanting a family is one thing, but a family isnt just a wife and spawn. a family is a foundation of life. a serious commitment that cannot be rushed because nothing hurts more than a broken life. family takes a lot of work. it helps if you really love your partner, are respected by her family, and have happiness you have chosen. that makes all the hard work worth while.

    the person he ends up with, and family around him, will have the greatest impact on his happiness. that's why it's so important not to rush into it.

  8. D-Stump it is both parties responsability to be safe for both STD's and babies! He is as much at fault. But like Ktulu says 'paternity test'!? :?

    Seriously though girl, if he dipped his stick in her and she has been getting double and triple dipped I would stay away from him. God knows what he may have! :shock:

    As for the money, if you see it great but otherwise I would take it as a lesson learnt and stay away. He sounds like he is more hassle than its worth. Either that or go get the dog! :wink:

    And as it was said before it seems like it would never of woked anyway as you want something totally different than he does in a relationship. Let sleeping dogs...........well you know. :grin:
  9. ha ha! i knew some one would say that when i was typing.

    my point was that if a woman wanted to get preggas against his wishes she could.

    if condoms aren't in the pic then there is little else a fella can do to make sure she sticks to the plan of birth control. if he cant trust her then he shouldnt be...well.....you know.


    bloody oath! STDs are at epidemic preportions and rising. i had a recent scare myself. [no, i didnt find anything unusual, just a rumur bout an ex that had me running to the gp, then to another for a 2nd opinion]

    100% in the clear.

    stay away from that stump tho. he's ripe with god knows what :wink: one morning, i found him in [oh, i better not tell that story]

    no offence to those who have been unlucky. all of us have put ourselves in positions that could have resulted that way. im sure you will find an understanding partner. it pretty much comes down to how much they like you. if u like someone enough, then it's worth going to the dr together and having a nice friendly chat.

    it helps to have all the info rather than the 'freak out' perception society propergates.

  10. Sorry D-Stump. :wink: Your right, if a chick definately doesn't want to get pregs than she should be either saying 'no', offering a condom or taking the pill. She sounds like she is a money grabber.

    Furrycreature, your male friend should tell the dad to make the tray and take the money from her baby grant! She'll have enough! :LOL:
  11. don't be appologising! i didnt explain myself v well and i knew someone would make the point you made. men do have some resposibility but the very difficult for them. they have to be able to determine if a woman's going to stoop that low and/or play an active role in contraception.

    what makes you think she's a money grabber? it doesnt sound like this guy has money. the grandad is a money grabber, or blaming the fella for the actions of his daughter. i think she's a guy grabber. when he got back with his ex she got jelous, took action, got pregnant [maybe] and got what she wanted. him.
    this is a true story,

    woman in love with b'friend, he wanted to start having kids.

    they tried with no success.

    she was afraid she could loose him/ was having problems/ he had heaps o money, good looks, big house, she didnt want to let that happen.

    she had an affair and got pregnant to another man.

    she announced the happy news on the evening he got results from the dr that determined he was sterile.
  12. go on Jerry Springer he'll sort it out
  13. nah, nah, judge judy's the man for the job
  14. Love that line! You sometimes have to wonder if everyone's fav judge is packin' or not...! :rofl:
  15. has anyone heard of condoms!
    although i only no 2 guys who would use one if the girl said she didnt care.
    my ex shoots roos and hunts pigs for a living it isnt just for fun and he makes sure they dont suffer.
  16. has anyone heard of good sex? that's where condoms disappeared to missy.

    im glad he doesnt hurt pigs. what precaution has he taken to make sure he doesn't mistake his woman for his work in a state of tiredness?
  17. The ultimate aussie love story, pigs, utes, babies, paternity tests, money and a motorcycle.
    personally I just frown at pigs and they die.
  18. This is good advice. Also, watch carefully for a sudden and unexpected (terribly tragic) miscarriage, that happen away from any medical help or means of verifying that it (or the pregnancy) ever took place. Always be dubious about claims of pregnancy immediately after a relationship has broken up.
  19. Is a little over 4 years a record for a thread revival?