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Really angry with my stupid brother

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. My family
    rohan - eldest child - most idiotic
    damian - middle (one who lost temp. sight in his eye... still not good..) - worst temper and most arrogant
    me - youngest child - don't know how to describe myself

    - My brother, Rohan, bought a motorbike today. WITHOUT consulting me, WITHOUT asking me to test-ride it, WITHOUT TELLING ME!!! I am so pissed off.

    Firstly, I wanted him to get a scooter, either a Yamaha Majesty or one similar that I think is a Honda (huge scooter, lots of storage). 250cc max.

    Secondly - I RIDE A MOTORBIKE! I could have helped him with test-riding it (HE DOESN'T have a licence!!!!!).

    Thirdly - I don't know how to explain this, but motorbikes are my thing. It's the one thing that I HAVE. It's mine. It's the only thing of mine that my brothers didn't have... I don't know how to explain it... It's... Now he's going to want to come to coffee meets, rides, he's going to try to be "brotherly". Now, in order to even half explain this properly, you're going to have to know that I have absolutely NO respect for him, and haven't since I was about 7 years old. Don't ask. He's a know-it-all without actually knowing anything, he tries too frikking hard, he tries to be a frikking god. I dislike him intensely. Please don't question this.

    It's hard. I wouldn't mind if my dad got a bike, just not my brothers or my mum.

    Also, Rohan lives in a fantasy-land, whereby you can tell him something, write it all over his walls, set fifty (50) LOUD alarms and remind him 20 seconds before an event... And he'll still forget.

    Even as a driver he wanders over the roads, has had 3-5 minor crashes, but OF COURSE it was "always" the "other persons fault!"

    I think it would serve him right that he's bought a REALLY shite motorbike, he comes off a few times, and sells the damn thing. Or, maybe I'll just key it... OH feck I sound like the biggest b#$%h but I'm really not.

    You don't know Rohan. He didn't even THINK to ASK me if it was a suitable bike or to test ride it.

    This totally made my day absolutely sh%t. I can't wait till he moves out and I never see him again.

  2. So what model hyosung did he buy.....
  3. He bought some Suzuki 250cc - I haven't even SPOKEN to him yet... I'd like to strangle him, really...
  4. Green with envy eh?
  5. You could move out first? :wink:

    Bloody youngest children - always think they're hard done by.. :p
  6. Don't worry, I know what its like. Honestly I do.

    I don't have a brother, but this guy I went to school with.

    I got a new phone, a week later he would have the same phone.
    I got a pair of brand spanking new oakleys, he came in with oakleys 3 days later.
    I announce I am getting a loan to buy a HQ holden one tonner, a week later my loan gets cleared, but hes already asked his mum for the money and has a hx one tonner.
    I get my truck license, then he gets his truck license
    He even went so far as to go out with 2 of my ex's
    I get my motorbike license, he gets his motorbike license
    I get a motorbike, he gets a motorbike.
    He fell off and stopped riding. I still do.

    Maybe the same will happen to your brother, really hoping he doens't get hurt however if this does happen.
  7. Why would he ask you about it if you don't even like or talk to him???

    Should we all sell our bikes so that you can be the only one on the road :wink:

    If you can't control it, don't worry about it :cool:
  8. juniorvtwin, I nominate that for the post of the year mate, well done :LOL:

    frickendevil, you went to some extreme lengths to get him to stop having that guy obsess over you :rofl:

    That does rather smack of a steamer holz. My bro sounds very similar (except my bro perpetually smells like a hamster cage, and wouldn't touch bikes with a 100 foot pole).

    Perhaps the shared passion for bikes (assuming he becomes equally addicted) might bring you closer.
  9. lol just rip him up in thhe mountains and rub it in heaps.
    If ur lucky he will try to hard and run the bike of a clif somewhere.
  10. Lowercase, I think you need to look at this as an opportunity:

    Coz it can go one of two ways:

    1) He buys a bike and he knows it annoys you. This brings him great pleasure, because he is a 'brother' and we are all arseholes except for about 5 times per year when it is in our special contract with mum to be nice/cool to our sisters.

    2) You keep riding. You do it better than him. You corner better than him. You are faster than him. You [a girl] will be BETTER than him at motorcycling! The most manliest, reckless, dangerous, kickarse cool thing you can do on-land with normal pants.
    It would bring him great pain and suffering to suck at something so typically masculine that his sister is good at.

    ... and turn his fuel tap off EVERY CHANCE YOU GET :grin:
  11. Live and let live :wink:
  12. Hi lowercase, I understand where you are coming from with Motorcycling being your thing. I don't know if I can explain it either, I know when I am on a bike, the bills, the family problems, the troubles that plague us as we voyage through life shrink into insignificance. I feel world of peace, self, and adventure. It is my rebellion, my place, my love. It is not surprising you want to keep this as your private defense against the world at large. Nothing has changed however, riding is still there and will still give you everything it has. in the past and much more in the future.

    :grin: I hope that doesn't sound too wanky, I am temporarily without bike for a few weeks and I am starting to feel withdrawals.

    All the best. :cool:
  13. How much older is he than you?
  14. And whilst you're sitting at lights, hit the kill switch when it goes green :LOL:
  15. Does he have email? Send him as much "post motorcycle accident" material as you can fine. Really disturbing shit. Try and put him off.

    If that doesnt work, loosen his rear axle bolts when hes not around and hope for the best.
  16. i know exactly where you are coming from LC, cept im the older brother. it got to the point where my bro would turn up at parties id be at and annoy the shit out of my friends. id have people coming up to me all the itme going "you little bro is gunna get his head punched. if he wasnt your bro, id kill him etc" but as much as i try to help him, he knows better. i cant tell him a thing, hes unreliable, unresponsible, and doesnt really care how his actions effect other people.
    ive had my own thing for a while now..

    and now he to, is thinking of getting his bike licence.
  17. your inheritance just went up by 16%. stop bitching.
  18. :rofl:
  19. I understand what your saying but I hope my brother doesn't feel the same... mind you he was the one who took me motorbike shopping, helped me buy my gear and has just organised one of his very experienced rider mates to come riding with us this wkd to make sure I'm riding safely and give me tips. :grin: Possibly the fact that we live 300k's apart helps with tolerance levels :wink:

    You don't have to bring him to the coffee meets tho, or is he a member here already? :roll:
  20. Wow. I can't say a big enough thank you to everyone.

    I'd like to reply personally to each of you, but instead, you'll find your responses all in one big large breath.. With full-stops.. And you can breathe as much as you'd like... :? I'll put in some names.. umm...


    - He is 25 as of the 31st. I'm 20. Turning 21 mid-way this year.
    - I was thinking for his birthday to compile a dvd with tonnes and tonnes of NASTY crashes etc etc.
    - He was looking at scooters for 6 months until this week...
    - E.Babe, your bro sounds fine :) If he helped you with everything, then I THINK he's okay with it :) He sounds like a wicked bro!
    - And yes, my inheritance actually probably just went up 80%... But I don't much care for the money, I just care that I keep a good relationship with my dad, and that we remain friends. He's the most decent person I know.
    - ronin1
    - "and turn his fuel tap off EVERY CHANCE YOU GET "
    "And whilst you're sitting at lights, hit the kill switch when it goes green "
    > I would.. But I don't ever wish to go riding with him. Ever. I don't want him in sight, behind or infront.
    - Ktulu I don't think it's so much that.. It's more so just his way of showing off, showing how he's "independant". Independent my ars#.
    - "If ur lucky he will try to hard and run the bike of a clif somewhere." << I LIKE YOU!!! And I like the way you think :LOL:
    - Phizog, I hope it does not bring us closer. I think the closest I wish to be is maybe Christmases, email and once or twice a year unavoidable meets....
    - Hubie75 clearly you do not understand :) I do talk to him, I do love him as my brother. But I just do not RESPECT him. But being his Sister, I really do try to help him out in all ways possible. I might be cold-hearted to you, but you don't know the history...
    - "I don't have a brother, but this guy I went to school with. " << Yeah, I had one of them at school also.. I couldn't avoid the crap at school or home... :?
    - I'm not moving out - I'm saving money so that by the time I'm 25 I can put a deposit on a house / apartment, or maybe pay the whole thing off, get some tenants etc.

    Anyway, write more later! xoxo
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