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Realisation of a many years long dream

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Viscera99, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Music please maestro


    thank you

    So, about 5 years ago I saw something sitting at the lights. it was big, orange, and somehow managed to appear to be breaking the sound barrier while not even moving. I had no idea what it was but it had the word 'Kawasaki' written on the side.

    moments later when i was home, a quick browse of the Kwaka web site told me that what I had seen was a ZX14 Ninja - the more I learned about this bike the more I wanted one... maybe three - and all of this was before I even found out about the performance.

    Years passed, and I still alternated between bouts of dry-mouth and then uncontrolable drooling whenever I saw one.

    Wednesday saw me finaly fulfill this dream - kinda. No Orange in the line up this year but nothing in life is perfect. The sad and unfortunate demise of Brighton Kawasaki - see thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=133141&highlight=brighton+closing#.T-x1wpFvYa8 - became my gain when I picked up this beauty at well below normal price in their everything must go auction.

    I'm thinking that the grin may fade sometime around April... 2016

    Massive thanks to John, Simon, and Mark at A1 Motorcylces next door to Brighton Kawasaki who noticed my barely contained excitement and managed to squeeze in having the bike prep'd, registered, and on the road insured before the day was finished.


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  2. It's Beautiful. Power to you mate. Enjoy.
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  3. Now that is a shweet looking ride,

    happy trails mate
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  4. absolute beast...kwakka for the win !
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  5. Wait so are you licensed? No mention of other riding or other bikes, so are you just gonna be polishing this for 15 months? :p Congrats on the bike, they're one of my faves
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  6. License? What is 'license'?8-[

    Yeah, I hold a full license... Er...for now:demon:
  7. Would LOVE to know how good the bargain was hehe ;)
    I heard about that auction, and wondered how low they'd go with the new stock......
  8. Gear and accessories were going stupidly cheap. In most cases well below 50% retail.

    The new bikes were a little more realistic in their final prices but not by much.

    I've got my bike on the road for $1000 less than the best price I've seen anywhere else and about $3k less than the prices that are normally on offer so all up pretty happy
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  9. That's a magnificent bike mate. Enjoy it!
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  10. Speeding cucumber!

    Nice bike dude, been wanting one myself for a while, i just wish they came with a honda badge instead, or i guess i wish honda still made the super blackbird.

    Take it easy out there, i would say your 650RL probably isnt even on the same planet as that thing.
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  11. Tis very green and shiny.

    Enjoy the bike dude.
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  12. You're not wrong. Thought long and hard about whether or not I should get such a powerful bike... Then did it anyway!
  13. Congratulations on the new and shiny bike.

    One thing though I noticed somewhere on the auction page was that the bikes were being sold without warranty, is that right?
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  14. Had a go on one of those. Awesome smooth and fkn powerful!
    Loved it!


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  15. congrats on the new bike, I remember 'the red ninja' had one of these bikes, from the front theyhave that 'get the fark out of my way' look about them :)
    Enjoy, and be careful, with great power comes great responsibility!!
    congrats again :)
  16. I did hear/read that also but it wad clarified on the day that they do have 12 month warranty.
  17. I often reflect on how fortunate it has been that I waited till my 30s to start riding rather than my 20s. Would hate to think what I would have done on a bike like this 10 years ago *shiver*
  18. Beautiful machine! :)