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real time traffic info - vic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. just stumbled across this rather useful website esp for city commuters - traffic flows on freeways and major arterials in real time.

    Vic Roads Traffic Info

    i did a quick search albeit not extensive, and hadn't seen it here before. apologies if it's been posted before or everyone else knew about it anyway

  2. Now we just need it to be transmitted on XM radio like they have in the USA so I can connect an XM radio to the Garmin Zumo I am going to buy, and hence have the GPS route around bad traffic.

    Aint technology wonderful. Pity Australia is so far behind on this sort of stuff. :roll:
  3. Yep I use whenever I ride home, pick the route that's best for me.
  4. XM radio is on the way in Melb, and most next gen GPS will be able to tap into it. Aparantly it's going to be able to let GPS calculate an alternative rout according to traffic congestion or accidents or whatever. Sounds pretty good.

    Can't find the link at the moment but it was on Catalyst or http://www.gizmag.com or some other technology news thing.
  5. AFAIK its called SUNA and will be available in GPS's in Melbourne approx December.
  6. Surely not
  7. Yep found this site a few months ago and check it from 4:30 till 5pm and pick the best way home. I find this a lot more reliable than the radio reports
  8. Well done Rabbit. That Live Feed on the RACV site looks like they are progressing well with Traffic Data in Melbourne. It's not XM (Satellite Radio) though, so I'll have to work out if it will feed to a Garmin Zumo.

    You've saved me the time of researching this anyway. :grin: