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Real raype claims

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bonk, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Love and understanding from the religion of peace.


  2. Some Christians are bad too.


  3. Thats fine BONK - I see your point -- I suggest that any one with issues in respect to law in countries such as you have quoted go there and lobby for changes, no one is either stopping you or denying the facts of the quoted issue

    However as we live in Australia the issue at hand is Australian law, and I do not think that the attitude of Australia is to militarily invade countries to bring our form of "democracy" and "way of life" at the end of a gun barrel to the heathens
  4. Sorry WTF Are you talking about???
    What was Iraq???
    Oh yes that had nothing to do with democracy, it was all about the oil.
    Yep you are correct.
  5. Well....Iraq WAS about the oil. :LOL:
  6. I think it is more to do with the "religion of peace" and how often this sort of shit occurs in the middle east and North Africa.
  7. Weird they havent found other ways to motivate their cricket team. Gotta love those religious extremists! Just when I thought fanatic muslims were the only freaks left
  8. There are freaks across the board from all races & religions nor just one
  9. That'd never work.

    And why would I want to visit a country ravaged by ignorance, old unsettled scores, and wars between people with their d1ck's intact and people with a little bit off the end missing?

    But if they're country was nicer than mine, I might go there... then have 8 children, and tell all my friends to do the same, then when we were larger in numbers, we'd start asking for things to make the place seem a bit more like home - and hope the people already there were stupid enough to 'tolerate' it.

    That's how you'd change a country.
  10. No kidding, and its working bloody fast in europe.

    I think all the western beta males who are getting a little tired of western culture should go to the middle east on a "seed spreading" mission. Count me in. :D

  11. And it happens among the same groups here.
  12. Would work a treat until all the ho's were killed in the name of saving the family honour.
  13. And this all at a time when Tony Abbot is on his high horse about girls saving their virginity as the most precious gift they can give...

    As one commentator put it - they are reducing the value of a woman to the state of her hymen.

    It is more about culture than it is about religion.
  14. Well, here in australia, dont be worried about islamic immigration, forget cronulla riots and laws, the solution is to make lots of babies with a nice muslim girl. :angel:

    What we SHOULD be worried about is a segregated population that will eventually gain much political power
  15. Which is a shame, he's got some daughters that are a bit of all right...
  16. Then it's your duty as an Aussie to corrupt them. Wasn't it Peter Costello who a few years back was telling school kids to go forth and multiply? One child for the mother, one child for the father, and one child to combat demographic change.