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Real Quiet Helmet Reqd

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Myoko Kogen, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Why do i keep buying noisy helmets after reading some review that says its quiet..............Duh or what......are there any quiet one out there ?????
    Someone knows Hey....................
    Cheers Myoko

  2. welcome to NR.

    i've always found my shark helmets to be a lot quieter than others on the market.

    have tested AGV, Nolan, Rjays and HJC to compare it.

    all head sizes are different though, so you might have a different experience.
  3. Hello it would be nice if you introduced yourself in the welcome forums.

    As for your question it could be more that your bike's shape screen height or lack of screen would contribute more to helmet noise than anything else.
    a decent set of earplugs will help greatly.
  4. OOOPs Sorry guys....Yeah new to forum...........I am older than most, love riding everywhere everyday, almost retired but not quite.Live in sunny WA,and ride Triumph tiger 2009.....still going like when first bought {no visible oil leaks yet ]. hetro as well or is that too much information....Cheers Myoko
  5. There is no such as a quiet or noisy helmet

    to many factors come into play - turbulance around the helmet due to fairing or non fairing , double bubble screen etc crosswinds, shape of helmet where visor meets shell

    The more padding around the "ears " area on the inside means an attempt to quieten it down

    my own helmet on the R1 - some noise - on a Harley street bob - no noise - go figure that out
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  7. its informative
  8. Different helmets for different head shapes (as Lowercase said). I tried on a few last month before picking up my bike and finally settled on a Shoei TZ-X Ethereal TC-5 as this was the best bit with my glasses. Some other helmets didn't have proper (or no room) for my glasses.

    Been riding it on the Freeway almost every other day and is as silent as it can be. Loving it.
  9. I recently bought a new helmet and its significantly quieter. The visor itself is much thicker and closing it cuts out a HEAP of sound vs my older helmet. So look for a good solid visor if you want to cut down sound.

    I also have one of LC's old helmets (thanks!) which is rather quiet as it has very thick padding (and larger shell).

    Unfortunately its hit and miss choosing a quiet one since stores obviously can't let you test them.
  10. The Triumph Tiger 1050's stock windshield is pretty loud and buffetty for most riders (myself included).

    Have you tried removing the screen entirely? It makes a massive difference to noise and buffetting, much much 'cleaner' airflow without it.

    It's easy enough; take the phillips-head screwdriver from the toolkit and undo the six screws on the front of the windshield, and lift it off. Then thread the screws back in. Be careful not to push/shove the rubber-suspended threads too much, though, as they can tear.

    Ends up looking like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spots_nr/4093193521/in/photostream

    Give it a try!

    Edit: I'd still recommend wearing earplugs when riding, too. Even the quietest helmets on the market are 85dB and up in clean, smooth air from a naked bike at 100kph, and they only get louder as speed increases. I removed my windshield because even *with* earplugs the buffetting was amazingly loud.
  11. Thanks spots....its coming off tomorrow for a trial...........who knows hey could all be that simple. cheers Myoko
  12. I have a Shark Carbon-Fibre helmet is way quieter than the Rjays crap I was using before. Not saying that all RJays stuff is bad but this one was cheap... Anyway, anything more specific on what kind of noise it is, etc? With my new one, I noticed today that with my tinted visor there is a small wind sound when its all the was down, which I don't get with the clear visor. One thing I would advise people though is that if you're wearing earplugs the CF helmet seems to make the deep sounds of the bike reverberate, so there is one particular frequency gap that is really loud even when you can't hear barely anything else. Really weird, I don't know if this is common to all CF helmets or just the RSR2.
  13. While you're riding, try standing (carefully) to see if there's a difference.
    If there's a point where it's quiet, then shape/lenght of your fairing/screen most likely be the cause.

    I like a touring screen to keep the cold off my chest on long rides thru the colder months but it caused a lot of buffeting and noise so ended up fitting one of the screen spoilers which works for me.
    Everyone's body size/shape is different of course.
  14. If you want a quiet helmet you may need to resort to the aid of earphones, earbuds or earplugs to achieve the desired result depending on how sensitive your ears are and depending on how quiet you want it to become in there.
  15. Thanks Guys
    The screen off was fairly cold this morn at 6am...even here in Perth...quieter though.......next stop try the screen spoiler...still waiting for custom ear plugs been in for a moulding now waiting.....................then a new Shoei XR1100....me thinks. if all that does not work........cut head off .
    Myoko Kogen
  16. The Shoei Chin curtain also reduces some noise. and air chill as well.
  17. I had an old shark. It was really quiet but it used to squash & hurt my ears.
    I now have a Shoei xr100, it is noisy but really comfortable. No thumping or whistling just wind noise. Got the chin curtain to.
    Don,t cut yer head off. Get some ear plugs
  18. Earplugs have already been mentioned - a decent set of noise cancelling ones will meet/exceed your requirements. JB HiFi may be able to help you there.

    On the topic of Helmets - again, many helpful posts above. Best for you to try on which one feels the most comfortable, as a first and important starting point.
    My Shoei XR1000, though ~ $ 800 cheaper than my Arai Corsair V lid, is quieter. Yes ! The latter is more race-oriented and much lighter, but significantly noisier...and without ear plugs, the wind noise (and pipe burble) would lead to rapid hearing loss.
    Try 'em on mate, and ensure you buy a helmet which is the right one for you.