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Real or Fake

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by vladpp, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Real

  2. Fake

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  1. Do you think this is real fox racing Armour, or a cheap Chinese fake?


  2. Probably fake. For 60 bucks? The best i could find anywhere else on the net was $179, and thats american $$. You will probably get what you pay for. Cheers.
  3. Has to be fake at that price, quality looks OK though.
  4. Allow me to rephrase, will it keep me in the same amount of pieces that a $300 set would?
  5. Only 1 way to find out! :LOL:

    There is a third option, genuine, but stolen.

    How much do you value your ~$100 (with postage)?
  6. Scores of happy customers, with only a handfull of complaints and all related to sizing mistakes.

    For that price I would be willing to take a chance, if I were in the market for such an item.

  7. Which means nothing. Have a look at most of the obvious fakes and they still have great feedback because 99.9% of their customers are clueless and those with IQs above 80 don't buy from them in the first place.
  8. :roll:
    You think?
  9. Alternatively, it's possible that some customers are prepared to speculate $80 on the offchance that it is a good deal and find themselves pleasantly surprised. Leaving aside the ethical issues (and I think Fox are big and tough enough to fend for themselves in that regard), fake does not necessarily mean poor value. There might be a correlation but it's not a solid, causal link.
  10. Negative feedback


    It's from Hong Kong - the land of the fakes, but like stated, not all bad, but definitely not the real deal
  11. Of course it's REAL !
    It's on the INTERNET afterall
  12. I got some awesome nikes that you can't even buy in the shops on ebay. They were only $20 and have lasted weeks. :roll:
  13. Definitely fake. According to someone I know in the company, Fox don't
    even make body armour jackets like this. Confirm this by browsing
    www.foxracing.com .
  14. Such a misleading thread title.... :evil:

    Where's the boobies!!! :(
  15. teh internets wins again.

    Loz will be along shortly to supply the boobies, no doubt.
  16. Real or Fake?
  17. if you purchase them and they arrive then im guessing they are "real", however they may not be "genuine"

    does anyone know where fox have their body armour made (country)?

    image how cheap a lot of items would be if they didnt have a "logo" on them
  18. I imagine that they would be no different to surf brands, in that they have a lot of products submitted to them to evaluate and if happy the logo is applied, it is a logo nothing more.

    If (OP) you do end up purchasing this, please give everyone an honest appraisal.