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Real noob quick question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Siwagod, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Just went for a quick 10 minute ride out in the drizzling rain to see how it feels after having work done on it.

    When I pulled back into my garage, all of a sudden steam/smoke?? started coming out of the radiator at the front. I immediately shit myself and turned off the bike to look. I couldn't tell what it was by the smell. It had an odour but was definitely not a general smoke style scent.
    Was whitish/blueish.
    It was coming out in a similar fashion to when you burn the toast or an electrical circuit is starting to melt, hence my sudden terror.

    Please tell me this was just water that splashed up into the radiator evaporating as my logical brain is telling me. The panic mode part of my brain has taken off and won't listen to my own reasoning. :nailbiting:

    I ask mainly because I've ridden in the heavy rain twice before this and never noticed this when I pulled in aftwards, then again I didn't have lights above me then.

  2. Probably: no smell so not electrical e.g. fan unlikely to be coolant leak although check coolant level to be sure.
  3. I'll check the coolant once it cools down.

    ^ Retarded sentence to say when you repeat it in your head and try think of another way to say it without using the word 'cool'.
  4. Yes, your logical brain is probably right.

    I still remember how I panicked when the same thing happened to me for the first time. Peak hour traffic, heavy rain, stopped at the red light, and thought the bike was on fire!

    At least you can't see the steam while the bike is moving, otherwise the panic could be fatal :)
  5. Happens regularly, nothing to worry about.
    Hot metal meeting cold water equals smoke/steam etc.
  6. Regularly happen on my Daytona... nothing to worry about (assuming it is raining).
  7. Thank ye for confirming and soothing my derp.
  8. Happens more with light dampness than heavy rain. Heavy rain will cool the surfaces the water gets too enough not to produce stream.
  9. Most annoying when it fogs up your visor, but as mentioned it's most likely just rain water flashing off your engine and radiator.
  10. If it was coolant the smoke would have a sweet almost maple syrup smell to it
  11. I wouldn't describe it as "maple syrup", but for sure it's distinctive. If it's the old style stuff the glycol is a smell you recognise instantly. The new organic stuff just smells "odd" to me.
  12. Ah right, yeah the last time I was in the rain it was pretty heavy where as this time time it was a very light drizzle. Good to know.
  13. i know the smell of glycol well.

    its one of those instant 'oh shit, not again' smells