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Real mans whiskey

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. A 17th-CENTURY firewater, more than two spoonfuls of which was said to be enough to kill a grown man, is to be revived by a whisky distillery in Scotland.
    A single drop of the old drink of "usquebaugh-baul" was described by the travel writer Martin Martin in 1695 as powerful enough to affect "all members of the body".

    He added: "Two spoonfuls of this last liquor is a sufficient dose; if any man should exceed this, it would presently stop his breath, and endanger his life."

    Twelve barrels of the world's most alcoholic whisky, or enough to wipe out a medium-size army, was to be produced when the Bruichladdich distillery revived the ancient tradition of quadruple-distilling overnight.

    With an alcohol content of 92 per cent, the drink may not be the most delicate single malt ever produced but it is by far and away the world's strongest. Malt whisky usually has an alcohol content of between 40 per cent and 63.5 per cent.

    With the first spirit run expected at lunchtime, the distillery urged whisky lovers to tune in live on its webcams - "that is, if the distillery doesn't blow up in the process".

    The finished product will not be ready for at least 10 years, and even then drinkers will be advised to add perhaps a drop or two of water to their glass ... and to avoid pouring the dregs over the barbecue.

    Although it is impossible to say how much the whisky will sell for, the demand for limited edition malts is such that it is likely to command an exorbitant price.

    Demand from US and Asian whisky enthusiasts has pushed prices for rare single malts to record levels over the past few years.

    Last August, a bottle of Irish whiskey dating from the 1890s - believed to be the last surviving bottle from the Nun's Island Distillery in County Galway - was put up for sale for a record £100,000. Bottles of Dalmore 62-year-old malt, from the tiny distillery near Inverness, in the Scottish Highlands, have fetched more than £30,000.

    Bruichladdich managing director Mark Reynier said: "We are doing this because we have this ancient recipe and therefore we can. It is unlikely that we will ever produce any more quadruple distilled malt again, so we expect it to become much sought after."

    Bruichladdich master distiller Jim McEwan said the quadruple-distilled whisky would be very like the spirit sampled by Martin on Islay in 1695, which he later described in A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, published in 1703. Most whisky is distilled just twice.

    He said: "It will be very floral, but most importantly it will take your breath away."

    Bruichladdich has a reputation among Scotland's distilleries for being one of the more eccentric and outspoken.

    After US drinks-maker Jim Beam halted production in 1994, the distillery was bought for £6.5 million in 2000 by a group led by Mr Reynier. It is seeking to establish itself as one of a small number of privately run distilleries.

    The US Secret Service admitted in 2003 that it had been monitoring the distillery because the difference between distilling a fine whisky and making chemical weapons was "just a small tweak".

    from http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,18288083-13762,00.html
  2. anyone that doesn't want to wait 10 years and pay a few grand for a bottle of body draino can just head down to their local dan murpheys and pick up a bottle of POLISH PURE SPIRIT. 90% alcohol and no flavor besides the fire (ralph wiggum: "it tastes like burning"). a bottle of this (500ml) will ensure you remember nothing of the night before, turn your torso into a bile filled bag, and make your head feel like both teams on the biggest loser are all sitting on it :shock:

    draino is probably healthier :LOL:
  3. Gonna get me some of this... I'd pay a couple of K for it
  4. or alternatively, if you like a little flavor with your burning and dont feel quite up to 90% alc. drinks, have a crack at some inner circle black. 76%, smooth as silk, and a kick like chuck norris on crack. 2 shots gets the party started, never done more than that at a time tho, just not game for the unmixed rum hangover anymore :| (too many of them in the past :LOL: )
  5. I remember drinking polish spirit in my younger days. 1 shot of it would clear anyones head cold. 4/5 shots = their head by the toilet for many hours :D
  6. try a whole bottle.... i managed to keep it down that night, apparently i put a hole in someones wall before they called a taxi on me. the whole next day saw me with one of those hangovers that make you wish you were actually dying, cos at least then you'd be able to see an end to the sufferring :LOL: i think i managed to eat something around lunchtime monday :LOL:
  7. Or my personal fav. Bacardi 151. Its 151 proof (75.5% Alc).
    And as everything that high, "tastes like burning" :LOL:
    But its not a bad drop once your eyes stop watering... but my favourite part is the flame arrestor and the flamible liquid sign on the bottle :LOL:
  8. Bah, just find yourself a friendly industrial chemist with access to 100% pure ethanol - that stuff kicks in fast (you feel fine up until the point you suddenly fall over :LOL:).
  9. met a musician who comes from Bruichladdich island once at a folk festival...... apparently their normal whiskey is rather sought after on the world market. about $1500 a bottle at the time. This new/old stuff should be quite a price.
  10. I actually like to be able to taste what i'm drinking.
    Anything with that high a percentage is going way too far.

    I'm happy with plain old Makers Mark ;)
  11. the inner circle you can taste, and it tastes brilliant. 3 seconds later tho, the creeper effect sets in and you get stung. 3 mins after that and you get that lovely buzz and warm belly happenning.... mmmmm, rum....

    good spirits shouldn't have to be mixed. if you need to mix it, its shit :grin:
  12. You shouldn't be using this stuff to drink. A tablespoon in your fuel tank and it will clean out your entire fuel system. Keep your bike running like new.....
  13. Then all I'd be drinking was coke (and yes, technically thats even mixed :p )

    I cant stand the taste of any spirit or liquor straight, not even the good stuff...
  14. blouse :p

    i do think its a waste tho, why buy a $50+ bottle if you're just gunna ruin it by mixing it with cola? might aswell buy as cheap as you can and use that for mixing...
  15. Back when I worked in mainframe operations the engineers used to have 100% ethanol for cleaning tape drives and disk heads...

    One guy used to knock it off and put it in a Bacardi bottle for parties (we used to call it Freon Bacardi :grin: ). Truly evil and you don't need very much at all... A little of it in a punch would go a very long way...

    Then they went to denatured alcohol and freon :(
  16. As i am from European descent (Yugoslav) we have a very strong and potent drink called "RAKIJA" pronounced: R(roll the r)-a-kia (like the car)...

    This sh!t burns like a mofo and tastes like pure metho.
    The oldies love it! :beer:

    I think its something like 85-90 %? Dont quote me on that.
    Its similar to what the Greeks have: Grappa...

    Damn disgusting! ](*,)

    All i remember was coming home to my grandparents place after playing Tennis and skulling what i thought was a glass of water! :cry:
    I was trashed at the age of 10!!!!!! :beer:

    Good Times lol :rofl:

    Let me know if you ever want to try it...

    -J :roses:
  17. isn't grappa italian??
  18. If it tastes like metho, it's contaminated with methanol - the result of collecting the first few percent of the run-off. It won't kill you or send you blind (unlike drinking straight metho) but it will give you a ripper of a hangover.

    Home distilling is illegal in Australia, and unlicenced stills for the purposes of producing purified water or essential oils are limited to 5litre capacity. Curiously, the equipment required for making high-proof alcohol is surprisingly similar to that used for water or essential oils.

    Customers at the shop where I work regularly report 92-95% alcohol from their distilled water units. Carefully monitoring the run-off means that it is almost tasteless - passed through a carbon filter, this stuff is very clean.

    So what do you do when you've just produced 10litres of clean 46% spirit? Of course, no-one would ever drink it. That would be illegal.
  19. Actually drinking it is legal - it's producing it that's illegal. Ironic though that you can take a product made legally using legal ingredients (ie homebrew) but putting that through a legal process (distilling) to produce a legal product is against the law. It is legal in Russia, Italy and New Zealand though.
  20. Si... :grin:

    Tsipouro is the Greek equivalent...