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Real estate gaffe

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mr Flibble, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. I must be missing something here.
  2. Check both links. The OP is bringing to your attention that in the ad it says to 'feed the chooks' and Urban Dictionary says that means to fap.

    I'm guessing the OP is a boy...easily amused. :cheeky:
  3. HA! Do the motion of feeding chooks with your hand.
  4. OK, so, when you live on a property such as this, and you do have chickens, or chooks if you prefer, what do you call it when you provide them with food?

    The OP supposedly lives in Candelo which isn't that far from Wolumla. So, presumably he's familiar with the concept of having the odd chook wandering around the back yard.
  5. It's a joke, Joyce...
  6. But not a funny one.
  7. I was sent this a while back this what I call a stuff uo on the togs part.
    Thia actually went live to realestate.com how funny
  8. That last one IS funny
    I'm gonna try and get the tits and boobies thread reinstated.
  9. Haha..even though we both suck at getting those meanings, I'm glad that thread is back.
  10. i dont know how you think chooks should be fed but when i feed them it looks more like tipping a bucket (because thats what you do...) or if you throw feed at them it could look like an arse slapping but more like playing with a yo-yo...

    either these people have never fed a chicken in their lives or they just have really really dirty minds... ](*,)
  11. ok then rolling the dice?
  12. What is 'fap'?

    What's next, spreading the ashes?
  13. After reading this thread I won't be looking at a door with a 'pull' sign the same way. As for those yellow 'hump' signs.......