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ready to upgrade.... CBR600RR or YZF-R6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Athame, May 2, 2006.

  1. I ride a CBR250RR at the moment and i'm ready to upgrade..

    I like both the CBR600 and the R6 but i cant find an unbiased opinion...
    The people who i have spoke to either own one or sell them... need i say more.. :wink:
    The write ups dont make much sense to me, i havent been riding all that long...lol

    any help will be great..
    cheers Athame
  2. You mean YZF-R6, thats the R6

    YZF600 is the old Thundercat, different bike. Its the model before R6.

    Performance wise they are the same. Go with the one you find more comfortable, best looks, best color, best price/availability.
  3. Re: ready to upgrade.... CBR600RR or YZF600R

    Id say that the people who own them would be the best people to talk to. They most likely looked at both models themselves anyways so you might be able to ask em and find out why they made a certain choice...

    You can quickly tell if someones giving an honest opinion or being ridiculously biased.

    Theres not much between em, pretty much came down to what caught my eye in my case.
  4. I looked at both when i was buying last year. Thought that the cbr600 had a less comfortable riding position for my size and use - that is, 6"1 and mostly road riding and the occasional weekend thrashing, but no real racing. The reviews i read pretty much said that most normal people wont be able to push either bike to their limits (especially on the road) so go for whichever one feels most comfortable and appeals to your sense of style - which is what i did, and bought the r6.

    that was 2005 though, apparently the 2006 r6 is a little more "race" rather than "road" than the 2005 that i got. But the above advice still applies. Either way no doubt you'll love it, just keep it shiny side up!!
  5. thanks guys, but i have another question..

    I am only small in size and so i am a little concerned about weight of the bikes and the seat height...

    is there much difference
  6. Define small?

    DOubt it would be a problem though. If youve got no dramas with the 250 theyre not really all that much bigger...
  7. Ask Blade (Hakan) - it's all about technique. He's only 5'3" (I think), and rides a CBR thou. I haven't seen him have any problems.
  8. Flip a coin, they're both great bikes.

    Yamaha just got over the line for me by being a bit more practical day to day (as sportsbikes like this get anyway)
  9. Test Rides would have to be the answer.
  10. Include in your thoughts a Truimph Daytona 600 or the 650... I have had a spin on both the CBR600 (03 and 05), R6 (00??, 03, 05?) and I bought a Daytona... much better bike...
  11. If you're gonna buy jap the best way to choose is go test ride 'em.

    I'd include the Suzuki and Kwaka in the equation if I was you.

    It's what you like best that matters in the end isn't it?
  12. No jump on the Triumph Daytona 675

    That is a 600 with torque*!!

    *or any other 600 with less cilinders than 4
  13. Well I was in the same confusion about a month ago. Especially here in sydney they selling the 2005 cbr600rr for really good price 12990 ride away. But I ended up getting the 2006 R6. Because:
    1. They look better. Look at the honda tank. Mann...too simple
    2. Sounds better.
    3. More power. 98 kw compare to 82 kw?
    4. Better colour. Honda needs to change their tricolour stuff.
    5. Better technology. The chip controlled throttle.

    But when I test ride the honda, it has better braking and cornering. But the aggresivenss of the bike is nothing compare to R6.

    SO, buy R6. you will not regret it. hahahahaha
  14. To someone getting off a 250, these bikes will feel exactly the same. Mega fast.

    If I was blindfolded and rode both of them back to back, I don't think I could tell the difference. Many people claim I ride like I am blindfolded but we won't go there.

    Pick the one you like the look of more, and the colour that will match your leathers the best.

    I have ridden both, and you will not make a bad choice with either of them. I personally would go the Kawasaki with the extra 36 cc, or the Triumph 675 due to there slightly better midranges.
  15. 1. Looks are a relative thing, but I agree, the R6 is the better looker.
    2. Both sounded crap compare to a litre v-twin.
    3. I wouldn't believe any Japanese power, weight and rev claims.
    4. The tri colour stuff is a little dated.
    5. Yet to be proven, but fly by wire will be the way of the future.

    I also thought the Honda turned, handled and stopped better than the R6, but the R6 was a more engaging rides. But this was splitting hairs at best.
  16. Ever considered the GSXR600?

    06 Model's sposed to be the sh!t...


    Might be worth checking out. Saw one in the metal at Actions yesterday and they sure look sweet.
  17. Yeah mate, the gixxers always won when the magazine compare between R1,CBR1000RR,MV Augusta F4,and GSXR1000.
    I heard the riding position is somehow more relax. But one thing that I personally don't like about the gixers is the white and blue combination colour. Mannn they have to change that somehow. Also the front light looks cute and tough. he he. So all is about the looks for me. ha ha.
  18. thanks everyone....

    i have to admit i like the look of the GSXR600
    i will just have to ride them all and pick..

    cheers and i'm sure i will let you know what i get... :grin:

    thanks Athame
  19. well i have decided...
    I have tried them all and then the other day i had a test ride on a ZX-636 06 model and i have to say i was blown away...

    I have never really been a Kawasaki fan but this is the one for me...

  20. Well my vote woulda been ZX7R... But that is just me... I am a kwakka fan. :)