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Ready to ride!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Unfinishing, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Hey guys new rider from Vic here, just bought my ninja 300 a few weeks ago and been having a lot of fun, used to a ride a dirt bike a while ago so I'm not a total noob. Definitely looking forward to going on some group rides and getting to know more people!

  2. Hi and Welcome. What part of Vic are you from?
  3. The western suburbs
  4. Ok, a few out your way. This Saturday is a round the bay ride if you are interested. leaving from the Elwood/St Kilda practice area. We are going west first I believe so you may be able to hook up as they swing by.
  5. Welcome to the forum mate!
  6. Alright I'll have a look at that ride on the Saturday, hopefully I can make it and thanks George happy to be here!
  7. Welcome to the forums!! Westsiiiiiiiiiiide!
  8. Welcome aboard :]
  9. Welcome mate, hope you have changed your pipe from stock already :singing:
  10. Thanks guys, new pipes coming soon. I'm leaning towards the m4 pipes, best sound imo.
  11. Welcome to NR. Congratulation on your 300 Ninja.