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Ready to ride - Newcastle NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by zabble, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new to this site and am having difficulty finding a valid thread because there are SOOO many, so decided to start my own.
    Have recently passed my P's test, and given i am over 30yrs, am now on my unrestricted full license...yes!
    I haven't ridden many km's at all...mainly to and from work just to get used to riding really. Am reasonably comfortable in traffic but haven't really tackled open & winding roads. Bought a new Suzuki GS500F 6mths ago and really want to get riding - have only put 800kms on it so far...pretty slack i know. Problem is my mates are all in Sydney so i don't really know anyone experienced who i could go on a few rides wth and who would give me a few tips. I have got a lot of learning to do and am open to constructive criticism.
    Anyways, i guess what i am saying is, is there anyone out there in Newy willing to help out a newbie?
    So far i am just loving the motorcycle community and everything about riding (except cars - particularly d#$heads who are on their mobiles while driving). Everyone has been so unbelievably helpful and supportive, and i'm sure this place will be the same.
    thanks for reading my post - hope to hear from you.


  2. Get on teh bike and ride. I did it without anyone holding my hand, and so can you!
    You are old enough to know when you are in trouble or could be in trouble, I suggest a few early morning weekend rides by yourself, pick a local destination and go.
    The only real way to gain experience is time on seat.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. agree typhoon - time spent on the bike is key to learning and gaining confidence...but i'm sure it wouldn't hurt if i was to ride with other, more experienced, riders.

    was hoping that there may be a group or groups of newer riders, or patient experienced riders, in the Newcastle/Hunter area that i could ride with and learn from.

    thanks for your reply anyhow.
  4. I was just encouraging you.
    Have to be careful who you ride with too you know, trying to keep up with people trying to impress or act like hoons is pointless and dangerous!
    I was just saying get out there and get comfortable on teh bike, 800 kms in that amount of time is not even close to enough, you will have forgotten all you learnt each time you get on teh bike.
    Read up on this site, there is HEAPS of good advice in teh New Riders section.
    Try and get out at least twice a week, and remember, traffic is not as scary early in the morning.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Zabble

    Welcome to the community and welcome to riding in newcastle. If you need any help or tips on technique I live in newcastle. Hows the riding been going thus far for you?
  6. Welcome, Zab, this IS a place where you'll find out lots.

    But you'll LEARN what you REALLY need to know out on the road.

    I was like Andrew, I got my bike and my license while I was living in Denman in 1974 and I can't remember ever going riding with anyone. I went down to the Putty Road and learned about cornering, and rode every day from Denman to Singleton and back for work.

    By all means take up Nicholas' kind offer, but just get out and RIDE!!!!!!
  7. Hi Zab,
    I'd love to have a ride with you sometime, but I am probably not the "mentor" you need. I am in my mid 40's and only started on bikes in Feb 2006. However, in the past 15 months or so I have ridden around 11,000 klm. I rarely ride to work, but I try to get out and do at least one 250klm ride each week. For me, that was the best way to learn. Just get out and ride at the pace which suited me. Practice, practice, practice. Made a few mistakes, and encountered a few challenges but learnt from those situations. Pack a change of clothes and head for an overnight stay somewhere in the country. For eg, out to Dubbo or Armidale or Mudgee for the day. Overnight in a pub and home next day. You encounter all types of roads and conditions: you get to practice tight corners and sweeping bends as well as highway speeds. All helps to build confidence and experience.
    I work shiftwork and often have week days free. Rarely ride weekends. If you need company for a ride then I would be happy to meet up. I am no speed ranger but love to ride and see the countryside. Not sure what wisdom I could impart, but sometimes having someone to ride with and chat to at the stops (and help keep an eye out) is good kharma for riding.
    You need to get moving mate. 800klm is nowhere near enough to indicate that you are having fun yet :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Hi again - thanks for all the replies. Sorry Typhoon, i hope i didn't come across narky...i didn't mean it that way.
    Thanks to Nicholas & Pirtek. I really appreciate your offers and will stay in touch with you both to hopefully find a convenient time where we can go for a ride. I have RDO's every 2nd Friday so am going to make more of an effort to go for rides on those days (and weekends when the wife lets me out!). Am going to go for a ride out to Pokolbin this Friday provided the weather stays reasonable. Can't wait...might even pick up a bottle (or two) while i'm out there.
    I agree with all the comments suggesting i need to ride more...i'm going to get my a$#e into gear and get riding !
    thanks again,
  9. Zabble you lucky SOB....take a day and head out towards Glouster along Bucketts Way (careful). Head up Thunderbolts way and hook into the Oxley. Fantastic piece of road, go at your own pace and enjoy the scenery.
    That'll rack up a few kms and some confidenence :grin:
  10. I don't know if you should be giving any newbies advice. :p

    Maybe we need a Newy Newbies Group ride, there's been a few of us turning up here lately. I'm always on the lookout for someone to ride with, I prefer the more spirited kind of rider though. :wink:
  11. We could always have a mixed group ride. Not everyone has to be a "spirited" rider. Could have a few quicks up front with the more sedate riders behind. Same roads, same fun and a get together for lunch (or whatever) to have a chat and enjoy the day. Nice to have a group ride without people feeling they have to ride fast to enjoy the outing. Horses for courses. Everyone has to feel comfortable with the pace at which they like to ride. Would be nice to meet the locals though :grin: :grin:
  12. I wasn't suggesting I wouldn't want non spirited riders on a group ride, the more the merrier. I'd also like to meet the locals. I was just pointing out I'm no cruiser do riding with one would sort of be no fun. A group ride is a different beast though.
  13. Why?
  14. Do you really want me to go there. :shock:

    Take it easy though I'm only stirring. Thats why I used this :p . :LOL: :cool: :grin: :biker:
  15. Ok Ok, I believe you.
  16. Why not go fully sick and hang out at Nobby's Beach and do some massive fully sick burnouts!

    Did you guys get your coffee night sorted? Imagine a sunny arvo after work cruising down to Queens Wharf or Beaumont St? Shit if I still lived there you coudl all come over to my place, but alas I am now a mexican and not a Novacastrian. Sorry just miss the place :p

    We should organise a "fully sick ride day" and all meet up at the foreshore on "Pit Lane" as I like to call it.
  18. Hey Wedge - thanks for the tip on where to ride. I've only been in Newy for a few years and haven't explored Gloucester or surrounds yet. If the weather is good, that's where i'm headed.
    Interested to see you have the same bike as me. How do you find it on the freeway and longer rides ?
    Not so sure about the fully sick thing - but it's as funny as hell. I lived in Scott St when i first came to Newcastle and just couldn't believe the whole 'lap' phenomenon. Each to their own i guess.
    Will watch with interest to see if a group ride eventuates. Would be awesome.
    Again, the motorcycle community amazes me with the level of support it shows newbies. lovin it. cheers all
  19. Yeah mate you've gotta check out that area, its gold.

    The GS is fantastic for the longer rides, damn comfy and it can play through the twisties with some nice lean angles. Longest ride i've been on is about 1500km over three days and i was fine in the saddle the whole way. It should keep you entertained :grin: