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Ready to buy a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pets, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Wupee, got my P's yesterday. Proud to say out of 10 I was one of 6 that passed.... :0) Thanks HART @ Tulla, ask for Ant he is gr8!

    Ok, so i've been looking... Trading post, bikepoint, cruising the City and going to a few dealers.
    Am I too fussy :? or is it that nothing is available or got snatched up already?
    Been looking for Suzuki Accross, Honda Spada or maybe a CB250, .... those are my selections (in order of preference). and I want a red one! and trying to pay no more than $3k...... :)

    At a dealers I pay a good $1k more than private but seems that is the best option. I havn't come accross much for private sales... am I looking in the wrong places?? Is Spot On Motorcycle a good dealer???


  2. Yeh i'm looking for a good deal on an across as well, i heard they are relatively big for a 250, and since im fairly tall i think it would be a good option. Also the Across has the storage capacity that is hard to beat esp for going to uni and such.
  3. Keep looking and save your 1 k at a dealer too. You wont get a warranty and if you are careful you'll find a good bike privately.
    if you can spring an extra grand your options are increased for private sales and you will get a much better bike.

    Do not buy the first one you see just because you have been looking for a while.