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Ready-made project?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I can't believe that midlifecycles are selling this little jewel


    for just $2490 Plus ORC :shock:

    I'm seriously petitioning the Minister for Finances and War for permission to purchase..

    Does anyone have one already, or a ride review?
  2. I was hunting the net a few weeks ago for information on these. There were a couple of short magazine reviews from Europe although I seem to have lost the links.

    Basically the engine seems to be a Chinese clone of the CG125 pushrod lump, so it'll have ~10 bhp which might push it to 100 km/h on a good day with a small, well tucked in rider.

    I think it's a lovely looking thing and, were I looking for a toy to take me back to my misspent youth, I'd be quite happy to speculate the necessary $2.5k on the Chinese Quality Control Lottery because there's nothing on there that I can see that couldn't be fixed by the substitution of genuine CG parts if such still exist anywhere.
  3. Mmm I get the impression from their website that they build them up themselves, as they do with their other cafe-racer specials. Could be wrong, though...
  4. Paul, what would you do with it? Deliver mail?
  5. I'd sit it in the garage next to the VFR and look at it; I think it's just such a pretty-looking device.
    Plus I'd at least go for a punt up the Pass and show it off at The Pie Shop!!
    And it just MIGHT accept a bigger engine, with a bit of work...
  6. Are these things a stock bike ?
  7. Why bigger? Surely 125 two-smoker would fit nicely...
  8. That's Ikonikmoto's Ace 125. Here's a link.
  9. Honda are you listening, people want these. Just get the plans out of the back of the cupboard so people dont have to put up with Chinese quality.

    Shouldnt this thread be in "bike reviews" anyway?
  10. 'Tis, too!!!

    I found the advert in OBA......
  11. Something like an XL185 lump should just about go in as long as the SOHC will fit under the frame top tube.
  12. this is where i think that some people miss the point.....for a lot of us, its not just about getting from point A...to point B, in 2.3 seconds quicker than yesterdays mbike!!!

    a machine like this is all about soaking up the experience in something that is of beauty...not technical superiority.
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  13. yes, I'd be happy to try it and see what it's like; I've got the main bike to go blasting around on, but I bet this little jigger would attract attention wherever you parked it because it's NOT a run-of-the-mill machine.
  14. formula ace racing?
  15. indeed, you could film it in slow-motion :LOL:
  16. Sounds pretty good to me. Low cost machinery, with limited tuning potential (the CG lump has some fundamental restrictions) discouraging mega-dollar modification, and racing small bikes is laugh out loud fun for the participants.

    Might need to consider kart tracks or car park circuits, though, 'cos the limited performance might make racing at bigger tracks a bit dull.
  17. They have these for sale and display at the Wickham Motorcycle Co. Cafe/shop in Wickham, Newcastle, if anyone wanted a closer look.

    I must say, they look like they're a blast to ride, and the build quality doesn't look too bad for the price. I'll have to hit Wickham MC Co. up for a test ride sometime.
  18. Please do, I might head up to Newcastle and have a look myself :).
  19. Don't forget to tell us all about it :D.
  20. oh, they actually make them. I saw one for sale on ebay I think it was and thought it was a chopped up postie bike lol.

    I agree with hornet, would make a great display bike.