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*Ready For Racing*

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Dreamah-07, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys, Ive just gone 15 so im ready for My first RaceBike. :D

    Up until now I’ve been ridding/Racing a 125cc MotoVert Supermotard, And a Polini 911, BZM Powered MiniMoto / PocketBike.

    As the legal age to ride a 250cc 2T or a 400cc 4T, I’ve started looking for a First Race Bike.

    I Started By looking at Honda RS 125’s & Yami TZ 125’s, After taking into consideration the running cost with the Maintenance, I Decided to keep looking for Something along the lines of a RGV, NSR, VFR Or RS (Aprillia) Or something (just need to make sure It isn’t too heavy).
    I still haven’t bought a bike yet, But have been looking high & low for a Perfect First bike.
    I’m Currently looking at a NSR-250, And very very keen on it because I think it would be a Perfect First bike, And From what I hear has a Very well made frame And has been proven competitive During the 90’s. It also interests me because its standard, So I can work the bike as I progress as a rider. So wack on Some Tyga Race pipes, And Maybe upgrade carbs ect.,,.

    If I did end up with a NSR I would be running it in the Limited Solo Class with Café racer Club at Mallala. And when I’m ready as a ride, And also 16 I will move onto 600’s.

    Anyway, If anyone has got any advice, on bikes or what ever, Please Spill…;)

    Cheers Blair,
  2. Hi mate, good to hear that ur getting into race. All the best with that.
    If ur after a 2stroke 250 race replic, i would steer clear fro the nsr250. Its is not the lightest bike, and in term of max hp and speed i would say its amoungst the lower of all the bikes in that class. The good thing about the nsr is that its a honda, and HRC make many parts to soup up the nsr, Little bit more costly though.
    From what i hear, if u want something with power and lightness. A kawa kr1s is prob the lightest of the lot. Rgv sp models are good, Rs250 are even better. U can mod these babies pretty easy, pipes and jetting can give u maybe 10hp up top extra. Rip off all the useless stuff, save u about 10kg. Cut subframe, lighter yokes, wheels etc, save more weight.

    400 are alot easier to race. Neck a 2t off the line. To get a 2t to really go, u have to hammer the gear keep it in the powerband and the clutch. This is from what i have heard from people in this class of racing.

    Good luck with everything.
  3. Forget the 250's and go straight for an RS or TZ 125. You'll learn far more on it, especially at your age. They are the only bikes you should be looking for in my opinion. A logical step up from the polini.

    Keep your eye on these classifieds (racebike section!) for used rs's, reliable ones can often be had for well under $4,000:


    Before buying, go along to a race day, there's a big meet at Winton (Vic: not sure what state you're in) on May 12-13th. Go along and have a chat to some of the 125 riders about model differences (e.g. unleaded models) and maintenance (not as bad as everyone makes it out to be on 125's!). They can offer better advice than me.

    Also at that day will be the new junior class (13-15 year olds only, racing CBR150's?), it's a one make series that replaced the moriwaki 80 class, ideal for someone like you looking for that next step, and a level playing field (unlike 125's!), where all the bikes are identical. Big field, and inexpensive to get into:


    I have a 400 racebike, they're porky little things (same as a 600), if you're not comfortable with the weight then I would steer clear of the 400's, although it is a great class to race with lots of different skill levels present.
  4. Hi mate,
    Thanks for the heads up Cammo!!! ïŠ, As for the Bikes I had a Bit a talk with a few of the SA guys last night, and I’m more so interested in the 125’s now. (Maybe a 400, RVF or VFR)

    As for Heading out to racing, Im lucky enough to have a few local racers that are Supporting/pushing to get me out there, And Even luckier to have a /Sponsor/Supporter that is a Racer him self, He has been helping me from Day one of me when I was ridding Little ones too..

    Thanks for your advice mate, means a Shitload. Can I ask hows the maintenance on your 400? And would it be a little to heavy for me, im about 60KG And about 5.6-5.7 or So

    Cheers Blair
  5. I'm the same size, it's an advantage on any of these bikes to be lighter. At 60kg you'll be able to ride a 125 well, any heavier will be detrimental. You may not ever be able to ride one competitively depending on your weight in the future, go for it now!

    The vfr/rvf has one of the more forgiving chassis, and there are more parts around for these than any of the other 400's. Plus they sound wicked...

    Maintenance is no big deal. The V4 will always be a pain to work on due to it's layout, but is fine once you know you're way around.

    I would say that maintenance tasks on the V4 would take twice as long as a 2-stroke 125, but the 4-stroke will need half the maintenance if you get me.

    125's are very simple machines, but you'll be forever chaging jetting etc to suit conditions. Once the 400 is setup for the season you can forget about it. I choose not to run a filter/airbox on mine (hrc induction setup), so it requires a full rebuild every year, it would last forever otherwise.

    I still reckon a 125 would be best as it will teach you some great skills and racecraft. I genuinely believe that 125 racers have a much brighter racing future due to the emphasis placed on corner speed on te smaller bikes, something you will be lacking if you jumped straight into 600's.

    Check out this SA link for some good starting info:

  6. thanks mate, Im looking into a later model TZ as we speak.. From what ive been gathered, TZ is the go, Well the go for me anyway.. :)
    Re-Builds are much cheaper, And A more compfortable bike. And not to mention How much cheaper the Parts are !!!