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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Matty, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Anyone here a big reader?
    Im reading 3 series atm, pending book releases.

    WoT - Robert Jordan
    Riftwar - magician - Raymond E Fiest
    Eldest - Christopher P. (no idea how to spell it haah !)

    Ive read the "his dark materials' set too, anyone else egearly anticipatin the first movie OMGOMGOGM!!!

  2. I'm currently reading the RTA Bituminous Pavement standards and specifications, also the Austroads Specs, and the AAPA Specs in order to work at getting a universally applicable Specification.
    i guess it's kinda like a series, and damn interesting too :grin:
  3. ive read all the riftwar series and i enojyed them!

    If you like them im currently reading The sword of Shannara series by Terry Brooks... very much like riftwar and L.O.T.R....

    Im a nerd arent I!!
  4. Laying Of Tar Roads? i would like to read that!
  5. mmmm sounds interesting... but i actually meant Lord of the rings hahaha....

    Still feeling a tad Nerdy....
  6. Yup have to confess, the Riftwar saga and all its off shoots, are sitting in my bookshelf and get revisited every other year. [I'm not going to count em all but there is at least 10 books in that series]

    You could try David Eddings as well, very similar style to Raymond Fiest's Riftwar.

    * caution with the Magician * 1st read starts slow but very easily sucks you in to a point you cant put it down!
    1st time I read it was 7 may 1986, how do I know that you ask ?
    Was in hospital recovering from a major "off" and a mate dropped it in for me to while away the time. He got an enraged phone call @ 2am the following day with expletives like .......... I fcuking hope you have the 2nd book, ( he did ) well drop it in ON your way to fcuking work tmw or your a dead man ! :rofl:

    A few years ago I got to meet Mr Fiest, he even signed some of my hard covers. Now thats nerdie !! :LOL:

    ps: He looked nothing like I imagined either.
  7. okay now i feel less nerdy.... Thanks VTRBob....hahahahah!
  8. fiest, pratchet, eddings, fowler, lumley, brooks.

    and lots lots more, love fantasy although my favorite books of the riftwar saga were the empire books (the war seen from the other side) they are bloody brilliant and so well written.

    and yes i am a GEEK and bloody proud of it
  9. Yeah, probably on average read 2 novels a week for a quarter century or so, so most of those mentioned here. David Gemmell is my tip if you enjoy fantasy.
  10. The Wheel of Time must die *stabs it repeatably*


    Anyway, I haven't had time to read lately :( normally I'd be reading 3 or 4 different series at a time
  11. Jordan (Wheel of Time) recently died and Pratchett (Discworld) has just been diagnosed with Alzhiemers.
    If i believed in god, at least I'd have someone to be angry at.
  12. In the words of comedian Bills Hicks, as he eats dinner in a waffle house, and a waitress says to him "wut chu reidun foer" and the trucker in the dinner booth opposite says "WELLL, luks like we got oursells a reiduh" :LOL:

    Had to be there.BH fans know what I mean

    Oh, and in answer to your question-currently reading "Ajahn Brahm-Mindfull bliss and meditation" :-s after I got bored shitless of reading about another amphetamine deal/bust/beating/murder/court transcript in "Angels of death-inside the bikers global crime empire"
  13. Yep, Jordan, Pratchett (love his books, pity about the news on Alzheimers :(), Hobb, Feist and lots more. Like sluglie (which reminds me, how are ya buddy? :) Haven't seen you in ages), I'm a fantasy (some sci-fi) geek
  14. Yup... I'm a heavy reader too.

    Most of the Fantasy authors mentioned above I've read a fair bit of.

    Lots of SF writers as well.

    I've been reduced to buying ebooks and reading them on my PDA because I've been banned from buying anymore bookcases :LOL:
  15. Just started on Matt Rileys new book :D I'm so far totally hooked as always!
  16. I need to make more time for reading, no book on the go at the 'mo but have a few to get thru that sat waiting while I was studying. Matty, keep an eye out for Peeeah's Border vouchers :)
  17. If you like the Riftwars series, you might like Brian Lumley - fantasy and vampires with a little crime fighting to mix it up.

    No book on the go ATM, but I did try to read the Rossi autobiography, couldn't finish it - CRAP CRAP CRAP - I hate Rossi now :evil:
  18. I've read most of your list as well (BTW I think it's Christopher Paolin)

    Like ZRX1200R I read most of my books on the PDA - means I don't need to get up to turn off the light.

    Have you tried the M.Y.T.H. series by Robert Asprin - they are a lot of fun.
  19. For all you fantasy fans, a couple of Australian authors well worth a read:

    Ian Irvine (The three worlds Cycle series -> The View from the Mirror quartet, The Well of Echoes quartet and The Song of the Tears trilogy)

    Sara Douglas (The Wayfarer Redemptions series -> The Axis trilogy and the Wayfarer Redemption trilogy)

    Another good fantasy author I've enjoyed is Elizabeth Haydon (The Symphony of Ages series) and most of the other authors already mentioned in the thread! :)
  20. I just finished reading Matthew Reilly's new novel (another great young Australian Author) which as usual was a fantastic read. I'm currently reading some rubbish about the Bra boys and... can't believe I'm gonna freely admit this, ... the last... Harry Potter. If anyone interested in bike related books, I also just read a book called "Under and Alone" which is a non-fiction book about an ATF bloke that went undercover with the Mongols in the States. Very intersting read (even though it appears to be heavily edited!)