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Reading books/material

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Charlzee, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I have been commuting to work for about 2 months and im finding that on some turns I dont think I am doing all that well on.

    Well I was just wondering if anyone has any good books they can recommend for turning/cornering basic tips. So then once I read up on it I can go try it out. Ive read something about apex and lines on the forums, but it just dont make sense to me.
  2. twist of the wrist 2
  3. Cornering is something you will master in your own time. Your apex is the centre point of your cornering, or the furthest point you take whilst cornering. So getting this right will depend on your set up for the corner. Thus will then determine your exit point. And your line will then have alot to do with where you are looking or if you get any target fixation.
  4. Books give you ideas but practice is where you learn. Spend the money on fuel and find a quiet area with some roundabouts - industrial estate at night or new housing estate. Even in an open carpark, select some parking space markers as imaginary corners - you can mark them with some tennis balls cut in half.

    Concentrate on getting the bike settled before the turn ie. correct speed, gear and lane position. Then remember to look through the turn. It will come with time and you will be pegscraping every second roundabout. Took me about 6 months to get really comfortable.
  5. The best thing would be to go do a HART intermediate course, that'll get your confidence right up.

    Books are one thing, a solid day's instructed practice is entirely another.
  6. Wow thanks for all the input guys. This rider community really amazes me, anyways, I will go purchase me one of those books so at least I know the theory behind it. I will probably go book myself one of those classes the same time i get my P's. Hopefully the Northwest riders will get a group ride going so I can hopefully see how its meant to be done. Thanks again
  7. Yes, I agree- 'Twist of the Wrist' and 'Twist of the Wrist II', both 'Proficent Motorcycling' books (especially good for beginners.)
    I first read 'Motorcycling for Dummies'- very basic!
  8. For road riding, I'd also check out the UK Police Rider Handbook.
  9. The 'Riding Bible' has some interesting stuff in it - but is written for the USA so the left/right turning stuff gets a little confusing (they ride on the 'other' side of the road :)
  10. Twist of the wrist vol 2 is a really good research book.

    However, for the BEST written advice, you cannot go past these pages at Netrider.

    Seriously, this place is a wealth of knowledge and most people are more than happy to help out.

    The only trouble is some people continually post "use search button" and disregard new opinions or techniques. To do that is too easy and does not need to be posted. Just leave the thread to die without replies if no one wants to reply!! This big forum is always getting new members and just referring to old postings is not "Connecting Riders" and of course over time we will get many repeat subjects.

    Saying all that, the best way to improve your technique for riding is to get out there and practice within your capabilities and if that means in a carpark, so be it.

    Good luck