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Reading bike reviews AFTER you buy the bike :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by azi, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Having purchased a bike, I subsequently went ahead and looked up every single review on it for the next few weeks. Why did I do this? To salve my buyer's remorse? To convince myself that I rock and was right all along? To clear that neurotic thought that the weird rattle from the engine is normal and every one of them have it from new (instead of signifying impending detonation)?

    Who else is guilty of researching bike reviews AFTER the purchase? :)
  2. I have done that with other things, luckily nothing has ever backfired badly. Phones, cameras etc...
  3. All the time :oops: .
  4. Yea, no problem. Once you've ridden your bike a while, you're better able to appreciate (or disagree with) the reviews.

    By then you should know whether you like the bike or not, whether you're happy with the purchase or not so the reviews shouldn't bother you.
  5. Nup - read up on it all before hand. Then I bought it, loved it, and didn't want to know any more =;
  6. +1
  7. guilty of the same
  8. Not I, that'd be silly :p
  9. extending the logic, you should have a chat with the girlfriends ex... see what the score is before you 'buy'...


    (and by 'you' i mean 'one', if i was posh)
  10. not before or after actually :facepalm:
  11. yep, done this with cars, phones, the bike, TVs, etc...

    feels good when you get onto something and you still see positive reviews for it months/years after you bought it
  12. LOL. What happens if you buy something without reading any reviews, get it home and look for reviews to find that it has a massive problem, unreliable, low quality, etc. No thanks.
  13. Ideally you would have read some reviews BEFORE you chose the bike. But even if you didn't, I would face the music, don't care to be a pollyanna ... and you'll probably learn something
  14. dunno what happens, I read reviews before (to help decision making), and after (to appease buyers remorse, or just for my own curiosity; you've never felt compelled to read a review about something you've bought before to see others opinions?)
  15. I do this all the time with any purchase. My sister in law is in marketing and she says it even has a name "Post-purchase Cognitive Dissonance". I quote "After you have made a purchase decision, did you every wonder if you truly made the correct decision, or should you have purchased another brand or another model? You've spent months shopping for a new car, comparing features and narrowing down the alternatives. Finally, you make your decision and purchase the one that seems best for you. So why are you now feeling anxious about the decision, second-guessing the wisdom of your choice".
    Just enjoy your bike :LOL:
  16. I didnt know the intraweb was around when the built and sold the 1982 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana ...

    must be some old reviews :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. buy it, love it and then see how many other people love it. Yep guilty
  18. The wait for them to build the internet so I could google the reviews was agonizing....
  19. Yup, I had no choice with mine. Peaches was a present to me, so I read the reviews after my :eek: reaction.

  20. I looked at reviews etc for my piece of shit, no review has yet mentioned the massive design and quality problems these bikes have. And the forum posts I had managed to find before purchase implied what bugs there were had been worked out.

    Unfortunately complete bollocks