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Read my plugs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by KumuduG, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys. I changed the plugs of my MT-09 today. So here are a few pics of the old plugs which have done 23,000km. What do you think. Running lean? or perfect? .....

    20160626_101522. 20160626_101542. 20160626_101601.
  2. They look fine.
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  3. They look about right to me. Does the gap look large though?
  4. Good point. The gaps looked correct compared to the new ones though.
  5. Have you measured?
  6. Did you gap the new ones?
  7. No I did not.
  8. If you didn't gap the new ones but they look about the same as the old I would measure the old and if they are right and the bike is running right I would probably leave things be.

    But if the old plugs are gapped incorrectly I would pull the new plugs out and check the gaps.
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  9. Lol. It's a triple
  10. Hey! What? 3 cylinders that's not right!:hungry:
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  11. Ya. Probably why it's so hard to tame this beast. Lol.
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  12. Yeah know what you mean had one a while back
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  13. Quite right. It's got 2 cylinders too many to be the correct number.
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  14. You really can't tell from these pics. You need to see the central, core part of the plug. And even then, it only relates to what the engine was doing when it was shut down - eg if you were idling into the garage just before you shut it down, then that's all you can read from the plugs.

    But it's a modern, fairly sophisticated EFI engine so don't worry about it.

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  15. are they CPR9EA-9 ? were new plugs -9 or -11 (or -10?)
    -9 is a 0.9mm gap.. you might want to check
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  16. Huge gap there, but generally unless there's awful discoloration or pitting issues your plugs are fine. All modern EFI engines run quite lean so a bit of whiteness on the anode and cathode is normal. I don't know that engine well, they might be running the large gap to increase spark size for the large bore rather than going to the expense of twin spark.
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  17. Ya they are CPR9EA-9 and the new ones are also the same.
  18. both old and new have a measured 0.9mm gap? (is what I was getting at :) although they are often not too bad out of the box unless they've been bumped)
  19. Spark-Plug-Reading-1024x933.
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