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Reaction time tester

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, May 22, 2006.

  1. I know it can't simulate the real world conditions but I got 0.27799999999999997 for my average which means i would travel just under 9.33 meters before i could hit the brakes :shock:

    Test HERE
  2. I can't brake my R1150R using a mouse, do I need a new bike?

    Edit - Silly question, I always need a new bike......
  3. Yes, but i think the major problem is that it's a BMW :p
  4. May all your camels develop bloat and die in agony................
  5. Which will stop you riding them. Forcing you to get a BMW

  6. I got .2785 average... :?
  7. geez man cut back on the coffee :shock: well me, better hope none of you guys run out in front of me, cos my average was .4 :shock:
  8. I got .29 (after a few practice runs of course)
  9. interesting....
    my reaction average with music on was .3
    my reaction avg with music off, was .22
  10. first was .275, second I got .243


  11. there are no second chances on the road :wink:
  12. .4 :shock: I thought I was doing bad with an average of 0.2782 :LOL:

    edit: don't run out infront of a ZZR250 :wink:
  13. Well it b a crog o stimpy test,Similar to the Monash Uni one,cept without visuals,several of us did,from the thread that Loz put online.
    You can actually cheat a bit with the mouse.
    1st time got .3 something
    3rd time .246
    Wooda been quicker but reefed em on too hard on 2nd attempt,endoed,went over the bars,and hit the tarmac,dusted me self off for a 3rd run,mouse wasnt too badly damaged,USB cable bit bent thou,then cracked a pearla with .246 :roll:

    4th attempt 0.22800000000000003
    Im bored now :-k
  14. 0.2846 ????? well i guess i could be worse...
  15. haha, this test is browser dependant :)

    check your results on different computers too...

  16. :LOL: good to hear the mouse wasn't too badly damaged... sorry to hear about ur off... good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery :p
  17. I need a new mouse. This one clicks a little slow. :p 0.268 average. 8.34 metres, I think. Hmm. Could be worse! Should try it after a few beers. :LOL:

    Interesting test though. Less than a 1/3 of a second... vs the TAC-propaganda average of a 2 second reaction time. Slight difference!
  18. yeh but this is an on off test... (brake, don't brake) there is no other specific logic impinging on the test (e.g. swerve, don't swerve)
  19. I got 0.3534 average. That's well over 10m before applying brakes. :shock:

    According to the site, I apparently "need firm, responsive, non spongy brake lines". But...but I like my spongy brake lines.

    Ah, well...I will just crash and die because I can't click fast enough on my notebook touchpad. :LOL:
  20. I got .25 for my average...