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Reaction time at lights

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tony749, May 10, 2012.

  1. This morning I stopped filtering 10 cars from the front when a cager blocked the MC lane. Stuck behind the dozing hordes I noticed something: when the lights went green every car took 3 seconds to start moving after the car in front moved off. Regular as clockwork: 3 sec ... 3 sec ... 3 sec ...

    That's a 3 second reaction time, for an event they anticipate and are watching for. Not good.

  2. And then they take another 10 seconds to accelerate to the speed limit.
  3. I wouldn't say 3 seconds, I'd say more like 1 or 2. In a perfect world, everyone would move and accelerate at the same time as the lights go green.

    One rule which I usually go by if I'm in the cage is...if there is a truck (single/b-double/etc) in one lane and a queue of cars twice the length of the truck, I'd line up behind the truck...you'll most likely get through the traffic lights before the last person in the queue of cars.
  4. Watch a line of cars when the are unsure whether the green light will hold. They will drive together like carriages on a train.
  5. In Italy, every traffic light is an F1 start and they move in a block. In Baahstralia, it's follow the sheep infront of you.
  6. sorry dude, but you WANT them to do that.

    the indicator to go (if behind another vehicle) is the vehicle in front moving away, not the light
    You DO NOT want the car behind you to go before you have moved out of its way!

    hello motorbike sandwich
  7. Captain obvious. You mean, you can't move ahead when the car infront hasn't started moving yet? Whodathunkit?!

    Unless the culture is F1 start, it's clearly not recommended.

    When congestion becomes a major issue, even Baahstralian's will adopt the F1 start out of necessity. Till then, we have the wagon train start.
  8. Sure. I was just bemused that the reaction time was a lot slower than the 1.5 seconds used by the likes of TAC.

    It is ironic that cagers who are in such a hurry they would run a motorcyclist off the road to save 1/2 a second would impose 3 seconds of delay on themselves at every red light they stop for.
  9. Whats worse is when someones on their phone at the lights.. or not paying attention.. and it goes green, and everyone jumps on their horns.. the person realises its green... guns it.. then by the time they've gone its red again.

  10. don't be an arse rob

    of course you don't go if the car in front has not gone, (especially slip lanes)
    but when the landcruiser behind you goes before you do, it isn't good
    sometimes they will even try to intimidate you out of the way, or just jostle past you
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  11. You mean it was 30 seconds from the lights going green to when you started moving only 10 cars back? BS on this one.

    My experience suggests first car might be a second or two, every subsequent car after that 0.5-1 seconds just to let a gap start. Hell, often enough you will see a car moving before the one in front moves.
    How does this work? Do the cars behind accelerate slower? Or do they all just sit 3m behind the car in front at 50-60 km/h? Surely there must be a lag somewhere.
  12. Ever watched F1? Just dial down the revs and need to gain position and that's how it's done.

    Dgm, LOL, another obvious statement... any time a driver takes an issue with you they can bully you with tons more metal than you possess. Come on dude. Use your noggin. Sheeple start of F1 start, that's not going to change.
  13. Yes, 30 seconds. The lights had gone red again before I got to move. That's why it caught my attention - I was on the verge of road raging at the slowpokes.

    I caught the last few cars on go-pro and checked the video, it was a full 3 seconds for each car.
  14. Just for the sake of my skepticism, the vid would be great.
  15. I'm usually very tolerant of slow drivers, but this gets on my nerves. There is nothing worse than waiting for a light to change and then not getting through because the inconsiderate assholes in front did not consider there might be someone behind them also waiting to get through. Thankfully on the bike I usually just skip to the front.

    It is funny how things like this really get on your nerves when you are in a car. I think most people in a car are resigned to the fate that they have to wait a lot. When those of us who are not used to the wait because we only ever ride through medium to heavy traffic, filtering where ever possible, have to get in a car and actual wait it is hell.
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  16. It is very noticeable to a bike rider who filters, just how slow some of these drivers can be.
    It frustrates me to no end when I am in the car, and people are just crawling off the line

    The funny/annoying ones are when you are on the bike, filter to the front, take off at a moderate pace up to the speed limit, maybe limit +GST, then 2 mins later, all those cars fly past you way over the limit, only to get caught at the red light again. And the look they give you is like you are some evil law breaking bastard for filtering.
  17. I reckon we go by the Thailand approach........a count-down to the red, and a "ready-set-go" approach for the green..........it works for them - traffic flows....chaotically - but it flows....

    And they have a very low official road trauma rate.........oh wait, something 'aint right here? :confused:
  18. Vietnam has the countdown too, most people went off at 1 to 2 seconds before the lights changed, but i noticed a longer neutral (all lights at the intersection are red) over there so by the time they went the intersection was usually clear.
  19. I figured out why they were so slow: the drivers knew they wouldnt get through the lights this cycle so they didn't try. The cars had waited 3 or 4 cycles making 6 car lengths each time, at 10 cars back the drivers were still in 'shuffle forward in the queue' mode.
  20. It's because they have to wake up. That takes a second or two, but they gain favour by yawning AS they accellerate, instead of waiting till they finish yawning.
    Makes riding a bike a lot easier, so be happy. :)