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Reaction thread

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by mav, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Your average time is: 0.2998 seconds.

    Edit 0.2802
  2. Ha! my average time was 0.2564 seconds
  3. 0.1738 after a couple practice turns
  4. 10.483 I didn't realise I have a nervous tick
  5. That's what the sheepdip is for... :)
  6. 0.1962
    And I want to know why Chef's tick is nervous?
  7. 0.167 on all 5, which is disturbingly consistent. :?

    That was the second attempt though, on the first go I kept firing everytime one of them looked at me funny. Think it's about time I left the office and started drinking.
  8. 0.24something first go, every try afterward netted a progressively worse result
  9. Just got a sheep in 0.00! Zen darting. Unfortunately the other 4 were crap.
  10. 0.25 ... Following attempts were terrible.
  11. .30......
  12. 0.37 on the first, but I red-lighted on the 2nd.
    0.2676 on the 3rd, ... and that'll do me.
  13. .22 ave, best .167

    I agree JD, the consistency of the times is a bit suspect. During subsequent tries, I got 0.217 about 8 times
  14. 0.2452 that middle one that looks at you keeps making me shoot early...wait what, I;m not from new zealand I swear
  15. i've noticed that sheep too. maybe he only looks at you if you're a kitten killer.

    oh and 0.17somethingsomething