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Re XVS 400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farmer, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hi what can any one tell me about the xvs 400, are they better than the 650, can you get plenty of parts for them as there is a dealer in Melbourne who sells them, and tells me there much better than the 650 v star.

  2. Did u ask your dealer why they are better? The xvs650 is a great bike hands down so id imagine it'd be hard to beat by it's little sibling

    Plenty of parts available for the 650 not sure abts the 400. I had no idea they existed
  3. They made them from the mid 90s until 2006/7, but don't any more.
  4. stick to the 650!! end of message
  5. Is this melbourne mob the ones that sell the XVS 400 dragstar as a bopper-style, or something??

    I am a bit of a sucker for the bopper, but I'm yet to find a decent conversion above 400cc. Do like the look of the 'raked' XVS400 though.
  6. OP let me guess, you've been to Sumoto and they've been talking shit to you?
  7. well sumoto are saying the 650 are limited for lams, they also wanted $7990 for a 2003 model xvs 400, i have since found out when they stopped making them parts are getting hard to get and yes they never had much good to say about the 650,
    Well i just brought a 650 V star classic candy apple red, with 1000 klms on the clock, just had it's first one thousand service, has vance and hines pipes, i am putting white wall tyres on it, i paid $8 grand for it it,s a 2011 model, does that sound like a good price, tyres still have nipples on them
  8. Sounds like a decent price to me. I've got a xvs650 myself and am loving it. I've got the v&h short shots and the white walls, plus a couple of other goodies. Welcome to NR mate. Hope you enjoy the bike!
  9. You chose well, my son.

    The 650 should be a great bike.

    Sumoto are classic used car salesmen.
  10. I reckon that's a cracker of price mate, well done! I was looking at a brand new 2011 model four months ago, $11K ride away without any mods. I bought second-hand too. Mine has the V&H short shots - are they the ones on yours, or cruzers (or something else?)

    The XVS650 is limited? First I heard of it. My understanding is it's a LAMS bike coz it's big and heavy, not because they've put any kind of restrictor on it.

    You might also want to check out the forums at http://www.yamahamotorcycleforum.com, there's a lot of good info for your VStar.
  11. Hi.
    Yes mine has the V&H short shots, and they are loud went for a ride today done about 200klms i can't believe how smooth it is, also has heaps of power,i just clocked over 1200klms on the speedo i am glad i never got talked in to the xvs 400 they tried,and i agree sumoto are just salesman and thank you every one for the nice words, hope you all enjoy riding, and be safe,.
    One more question where can i buy white wall tyres for the 650 v star
    Regards Anthony.
  12. I actually put the V&H quiet baffles into mine, it drops the sound 3 dB but they're possibly legal now :/

    I haven't bought new tyres yet, but the top brands I've seen recommended for the XVS650 are Metzler ME880 and Pirelli MT66. I'm not sure if Pirelli do white walls, but the Metzler ME880 WWW are the wide white wall tyre version. If you're willing to wait, it's probably cheaper to order them from the US.
  13. If you order your tyres from Jake Wilson, you will usually receive them in a week. My last set was ordered on Thursday night, and showed up the next Wed morning.
  14. Why not just wait until you wear out the existing tyres? Then you can research a good deal on the whites. They only make it go 10kph faster anyway!
  15. My V&H pipes look like they have the baffles in them not sure you do get noticed when you rev it a bit people look over
  16. I might just order them and wait until mine where out al least i know i have them home waiting
  17. How do i put pictures up in here
  18. Pictures - click on "Go Advanced". Click on the paperclip for attachments, then browse to find the pictures you want to attach. Click on preview post to duoble-check, before you submit.

    Re: quiet baffles - the short shots come with baffles that are fully open at the ends, with a spiral effect on the sides. If you shine a torch down the exhaust, you'll see straight through them. The quiet baffles aren't open the whole way through, you'll see the end of them about 15cm down. This forces the exhaust gasses through the side of the baffle, which are wrapped in a fibreglass cloth (that eventually wears out).