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Re upholstering seat

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 1WDrive, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Was wondering if it is worth getting a seat reupholstered or getting a corbin seat. I believe the corbin seats are about $400 - $500 for a sport tourer type bike.
    How (Roughly) expensive is the reupholstering option if I go for say leather and do some minor comfort adjustments with the foam. If its about the same I would prefer to spend locally,

  2. ACM Seats in Melbourne restored my 2006 Speed Triple seat. It was cheaper than replacing it with a new seat and I had mine set up with a custom pattern.

    I chose vinyl because I wanted a weave pattern. Leather would have cost more and I didn't want to bother with treating leather as it gets affected by weather.

    It's a one man operation, so allow at least a couple of weeks for the job to be done.

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  3. Yeah wow, that looks really good. What was the outlay for that job if you don't mind me asking?
  4. With 2 different vinyl patterns and the custom design; it cost around $250. If it was a basic cover the cost would have been $150. It was a year ago, so I'm just going by memory on the cost.

    You'd have to ask for a quote, because seats do come in various shapes and sizes.

    There are cheaper ebay options, but the result from ACM was of great quality. I'm happy with mine; and even after a year of use, the seat still looks new.
  5. Thanks for that, mines a Firestorm, and seat (shape/size) looks similar. Will have to as you say, get some prices.
  6. I did modify my ol ninja thou seat. Removed some of the staples, rounded off the angles and added a layer of soft foam. As comfortable as the OEM gel seat. Less than 5 bucks. Local upholsterers would do the same. For really long trips nothing like an Airhawk, but remember inflate it minimally to do the job. Does not have be blown up tight. ( 90 dollars off eBay)
  7. Oz trim in Ringwood did mine. He made the centres out of soft foam and custom designs made from different types of finishes.
  8. Axent in Dandenong do retrimming of seats. With flames and other designs.
  9. I had a crack at doing it myself.
    Note this is for a zzr250 learner machine, probably would get a pro to do it for a more expensive bike.
    Its just cheap vinyl, but its held up so far.
    Just used a staple gun and the sun.




    More stretching


    At this point i had to go put it in the sun for 10mins, then, even more stretching



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  10. That looks great Steve, good work. I'd have done at least half a dozen beers and given myself a good stroking admiring that afterwards.
  11. I had my CBR250RR seat done last week for a roadworthy cost me $80 and looks like new.
  12. That work by ACM looks great, was the price for the vinyl work only using the original foam or was it new foam as well?