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RE: Unlicened Rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Guest, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    My Brother was pulled over about 1hr ago taking my zxr i bought last week for a test ride, He dont have a bike licence, The cop told him he will be fined for riding without a licence but that he cant give it to him right now becasue of some excuse about not having the paperwork on him and that he would have to go back to the station and do it and send it out to him, My question is do you think this cop was just trying to scare him into not rideing again or do you all think he will get a fine in the mail and if he does how much will it b becasue the cop didnt tell him that either or anything about dermerit points.

    Thanks all
  2. No, I'm sure mr plod will pop something in the mail for him.

  3. Watch your mailbox. The fine will arrive in the mail together with any summonds to appear before a magistrate.
  4. Unless the cop prepares the paperwork on the spot I strongly doubt he will be able to process it later. I think you could be right that he was trying to put the wind up your brother. Happy to be proven wrong here but that's what it sounds like to me.

    Hopefully your brother will take the hint too!
  5. Have no fear about him not listerning he aint got a bike to ride :LOL: and he aint taken myn again, if he does get fined how much do you know/think...?
  6. My guess is he won't be!
  7. umm riding unlicenced, I would say it would be about $225 and 3 Demerit Points.

    Thats going off the top of my head.

  8. Sounds like this cop doesn't like paperwork! :LOL:
  9. He has committed an offence, and unless the plod was just about to knock off his shift and couldn't be bothered writing him up on the spot, I suspect he will hear more of this. If the policeman had another in the car, his/her associate may well have been entering the details into the computer for electronic processing.
    So what have we learned? If someone wants to break the law on a bike, let him get his own!! Your registration number is now known to the police, and not to put too fine a point on it, it's your fault for letting him ride unlicensed in the first place. You will have to go very carefully for quite a while or you will be targetted for undue attention. Your dumb brother, on the other hand, may get fined, but he'll pay the fine and that will be the end of it. Sad story all round.
  10. OK cool thanks for all your thoughts lets hope the boys in blue forgets where he lives, thanks again.
  11. just found this list of on the spot fines dunno how old it is but its states

    $375, and no demerit points for 1st offence in 5 years and $575 and still no demerit points for a second offence that cant be right no demerit points :S
  12. you didnt mention if he took all your brother's details...
    if he didnt, it might be hard to send out a fine :p
  13. "May i see your licence? No licence?! Name and address sonny!"

    "My name is Hugh Jass..."
  14. If he has no licence you can't attract demerit points which is what the fine issued is about, they know he doesn't have a licence to issue demerit points against.
  15. He does have a car licence and the cop took that so i guess hes got one comming, How will this effect him getting his bike licence since he was planning on gettting it and a bike in the next month or so
  16. Wont make any difference to him getting his bike L's. Unless the demerit points cause him to loose his license, then he wont be able to get his L's until the suspension is over.

    I don't think its considered a very serious offence wont go to court or anything, people get caught all the time around here riding dirtbikes on the road, the fine for unlicensed is only $300 or something, unregistered vehicle is a lot more.
  17. All he needs is a name and address and the fine will be in the mail. Trust me, I know this for certain :)
  18. ok then so we can assume that vic has been fined for riding unlicenced LOL and i tell my bro to expect a fine is the mail, thanks to all. My ? have been answered
    cheers. :D
  19. Assumption is the mother of all fcukups :)

    I was pulled over for doing 85 in a 70 zone as I was pulling away from the lights.

    Took my details on a Saturday morning and I had the fine in the mail Monday afternoon.