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Re-Spray for Sports Tourer Costs???? Gold Rims??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by DrunkMunki, May 1, 2008.

  1. 2yke6px.

    i have a RF900R i want to get sprayed with black/red Chameleon (and if a bonus anyone know a chromer to do the wheels in gold), just wondering if anyone would know of a local place in northern beaches area that would do it? and how much a QUALITY job would be done, with wet look ?
    i know paint jobs aren't cheap planning on spending $1000-$1500 maybe a bit more if its truly local.

    also if a prep it myself by sanding down everything, fairings and tank how much cheaper would it be?

    cant find any decent websites for motorbike painting... that is for australia

    - Simon
  2. Not sure mate.. maybe give freedom in brooky or motorcycle weaponry in monavale a buzz and ask if they know anyone in the area.
  3. pm doonx, he just had his vfr done and they look thez shitz :LOL: :wink:
  4. Freedom kinda scares me, me and my bro both took our bikes there and they couldnt even fix it, turns out my bros prob was just a blown fuse and mine was just needed a new spark plug.
    So now i go to trusty Brian Connor :) hes awesome
  5. What about me?? lol :LOL: pm me !!
  6. doonx is in Melbourne, from what i can tell from his profile. i would rather stay in sydney :) expecially if i go down to melb and get a new coat of flies and locusts :p
  7. yes he is, but he got his done in nsw south (northern) coast area, i think. :wink:
  8. mmm still no luck, anyone had their bikes repainted, just wanna know the cost?
  9. Bob59 did a great job on someones bike here :cool:

    There's the place been open just a couple of years in Winbourne Rd just near the Shell servo - can't think of their name, they do plastic welding, spray painting and mechanical repairs as well
  10. Call Ben at Extreme Creations

    Phone: 61 2 9939 4878
    Mobile: 0419 226 348

    He is THE MAN when it comes to custom bikes in Sydney. He'll know exactly who to use.
  11. ok thanx guys, i'll check it out
  12. Hey, did you end up finding someone to respray the bike. I am also trying to find somewhere to get a cbr600rr re-sprayed. I just don't like the factory colours.
  13. yeah a few people, Ben doesn't paint bikes but put me in contact with the guy he uses, Spencer.
    Bob59 has offered.

    Two Wheel Custom Paint
    Zion Gardens

    i'm just looking into different places, want a quality job with no defects.
  14. Thanks for the links MuphinDotNet. Good luck with your respray.