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Re-rolling wheel

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Fitty, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. As some of you may have seen in this thread, my front wheel is stuffed and I'm on the lookout for a new one. After calling about 20 different wreckers in Victoria and 20 more in NSW and Qld with no luck whatsoever, I've decided to have a look at fixing the rim rather than replacing it. So, has anyone had a wheel re-rolled, or know someone who does it?

  2. Yep i've had it done, and know a friend who's had one done successfully. It will be completely dependent on the amount and what kind of damage has occurred.
  3. I hate searching for this business, i can never remember their name. Lucky they do such a good job. If you're a good boy and ask nicely they will probably do a pick up and return for you included in the cost. They are located in Heidleburg.

  4. that should be stickied
  5. There's a mob who re rolled my CX500 front rim, I forget who they are, but I'll dig out the invoice tomorrw & post it up. They did a great job, cost about $155 including removing/refitting the tyre & balancing.

    Edit: Bike Magic in Moorabbin, 03 9532 0626.
  6. yeah i had a rim on my trackie rerolled now.....like chef said depends on the damage and location on the rim. I use ajax in moorabin but good to know another place does them aswell. :)
  7. Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I'll get on to them all tomorrow and let you all know how it goes.
  8. Rimming.

  9. heehee

  10. As others have said,
    Neway wheel repairs - West Heidleberg
    Advanced Alloy wheel Repairs - Moorabbin
    Ajax wheels - Moorabbin
    Wheel fix it - Mobile/onsite, Mainly for paint/scratch repairs but may be able to refer

    I have had plenty of repairs done by the first three for re rolling over the last 16 years. Quality of work is very good but they all have a standard disclaimer "All care, no responsibility" When an alloy wheel is bent out of shape, they generally aren't designed to be bent back easily. Every now and then you will get a wheel that cracks when it is bent back. That said if the buckle is that bad, you can't use the wheel anyway so re rolling is worth trying.
    If you need a wheel repainted or colour matched give Vince at Wheel Fix It a call. Very good quality of work and knows what he is doing. He actually has a mobile service for repainting onsite.

  11. For anyone who's interested, Neway Wheel Repairs did an awesome job repairing the two buckles in my front wheel. Here's a photo of the finished product.


    The $85 it cost me is a damn sight cheaper than the $650 a new wheel would have set me back. While I think the discolouration just adds character, I'll have to touch it up to prevent rust in the near future, but that job goes on the too hard pile for the moment.
  12. Awesome mate, congrats. Now go forth and spread the gospel of Neway.

  13. Great thread people! My ride is in dire need of some of this!