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Re riding bike in Vic on SA-specific rego laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattb, May 31, 2007.

  1. My SR500 came over from SA with the indicators detached - they are not required in SA with this age of bike - and so I'm riding around without them, and want to take the bike out for a proper group ride on the weekend, probably with them not yet attached (it's a challenge to refit them on my own - confusing wires - may need to take it to a pro next week). I'll be riding on the SA rego and within the 14 days within one is required to change rego. Does this mean I'm ok to ride within these 14 days without indicators, according to SA requirements as its an SA registered bike? I'm just getting aroudn town with hand signals, and planning my routes to avoid turning lots of corners :) (and nervously watching out for cops, just in case I'm in the wrong.)

  2. From Vicroads site.
    Have a look at section 3.6. You may not like what you see.

    Edit: Dont know about temp arrangements but I imagine they should be fitted in SA too. Could be worth a ph call.
  3. Thanks for the link - it's good to read through the whole thing when looking at mods for the bike.

    Those rules apply to a vehicle registered (or in the process of becoming so) in Victoria. What I'm wondering about is regarding a vehicle registered elsewhere which meets its state's RWC requirements, being ridden in Vic. I take it if a SA rider visits Vic on his '78 indicator-less bike, he is breaking no laws? But then what becomes of me, within the 14 day bracket within which I am allowed to ride on the SA registration before I have to transfer or deregister it?

    Edit: just posted and then saw your edit! :)
  4. Ok i know some one whos bike was redgo in sa for the last 23 years whilst living in vic :shock: bonuses redg choices 3/6/9/12 month choices,if your just a bit over not worth the copper pullin u over,as for the indicators they can canary u for it but generally dont as the im going back tommorow line comes out.Negatives no tac if your busted :cry:
  5. mattb ... have a look at this ...


    Once you've had a look at that link ... backspace the "/b0000ddv.gif" off the end of the addy so the address ends at the sr500 bit and make it read sr500.html and you'll see quite a bit more info that may be of help to you.

    HTH :grin:
  6. [Begin rant]

    FFS - I am tired of this garbage. :evil: :evil:

    For the umpteenth time. You still get TAC benefits - if if you crash on the road in Victoria (or anywhere else in the country if you're Vic registered) YOU WILL ALWAYS GET YOUR MEDICAL COSTS! No ifs, ands or buts.

    It doesn't matter if you were licenced, unlicenced, registered or whatever. Where it makes a difference is income protection.

    GO away and read the innumerable threads here about this before talking crap.

    Unless you're over .05 (and sometimes even then) you will get your loss of income benefits as well since the bike is legally registered. Failing to change the registration from SA doesn't invalidate anything. However you could be charged with an offence regarding that. There are other exceptions to this however this is not one of them.

    [/end rant]